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This is the reason why I only date white girls.. GET YOUR SOSH SQUAD MERCH!!! JoshandSav.com #JOSHANDSAV SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/joshsav FOLLOW US :) Sav's Instagram:@SAVANNAHTIMEUS Sav's Twitter: https:@SAVANNAHTIMEUS Sav's Snapchat: savannahtimeus Josh's Instagram:@IAMJALEXANDER Josh's Twitter: @TEAMJOSHBRO Josh's Snapchat: teamJoshBro BUISNESS:[email protected] Most of out music is by our DOPE friends MannyWellz & Jayla Darden! Check them out.
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Allison Whitlock (1 year ago)
I've been in an interracial relationship for almost 3 years now. I can tell you, I've never seen so much racism towards anybody then when I started dating him. It's sad. I've lost some "friends" because of it and I have some family members that refuse to talk to me. But I'm the happiest I've ever been 🤷‍♂️. I found my person. Just like Josh has found his (obviously Sav), you can tell by how he brags/talks about her. Keep grinding guys ❤. Love you!
The Truth (1 month ago)
Allison Whitlock, You're so distracted witg "white racists" that you completely failed to realize that your black boyfriend is practicing INTRA-racism against his own black women. Why do MOST black men lust after white/light skinned women and call black women: *dark * nappy headed/bad hair * "pretty for a dark girl." So please cut the crap and wake up to the fact that the biggest racist you know is sharing your bed with you.
The Truth (6 months ago)
Allison Whitlock, You're so concerned about your white "racist" family and friends thst you didn't realize that the biggest racist is your black boyfriend. Your black boyfriend is practicing INTRA-racism against his own black women. Didn't you ever ask yourself why black men value white skin so much? You're so distracted by white "racists," that you didn't realize the black racist in your bed.
Lor'Quita Patterson (7 months ago)
Allison Whitlock I promise that I’ve noticed the same things while being in an interracial relationship! We’ve been dating going on 2 years now, and it’s really odd when we go places and people stare or make faces because we’re together. You would think that people would be more accepting of things being that it’s the 21st Century, but they aren’t at all! This was my first time dating outside my race, and I was super nervous and anxious about meeting his family because I didn’t know what they would think of me. Gladly, they’ve been really welcoming and accepting of me and my family has been the same towards him. It seems to be the people we don’t know who has the biggest issues with us dating. I just pray that one day people realize that love has no boundaries, face, color, race, ethnicity, or nationality. You can’t help who you fall in love with and you aren’t limited to dating inside of your race.
Amanda Thomas (8 months ago)
Fuck your relationship
Cesar Rumayna (1 day ago)
Lmaooo are all white girls like that???
creme shaver (1 day ago)
People in america be like: Police are racist Also people in america: This is why i only date white people
Tevin Nelson (1 day ago)
I dated a white girl once... NEVER AGAIN! She smelled like wet dog, she only showered once a week, and she was sexually attracted to her golden retriever. I noticed most white girls are like this 🤮 🤮 🤮
Because you are a racetraitor ?
Adolf Hitler (8 days ago)
i date every race of woman atleast i dont want them to do secrets things behind my back
Deadlift Brah (14 days ago)
Shut up fool! Quit making excuses, you're infatuated with white women, you specifically harass and hit on them only. It's simple to explain really, white women are beautiful and you blacks are ugly chimps.
Rose. Zeitz (8 days ago)
Deadlift Brah you are so raciest how could you call someone a chimp like that’s mad disrespectful to everyone. Nobody should be called a chimp because of there skin color even if you like white people over black people does NOT give you right to talk to someone like that and I’m saying this as a white girl. There’s only one race and that’s a human race. And I don’t think your human so fuck outta here with your racist ass!!
Angel Zboyd (21 days ago)
Yes Sir
Gemma Aitken (25 days ago)
I love the red outfit. Your a great couple 🥰
Maeve B (29 days ago)
2:06 my mood literally changed in less than a sec😂
brittany 0398 (29 days ago)
My baby is Puerto Rican and I’m pregnant with his baby now (due in august❤️) And I’ve lost friends because of it and it’s sad as hell but if nobody can accept the fact I’m so happy fuck you then 🤷🏼‍♀️😂
Rose. Zeitz (8 days ago)
brittany 0398 PERIOD. I wish the best for you💖💖💖
02johncool (29 days ago)
Am I the only who also never see black girls with white boys though
Justin Durham (1 month ago)
I‘ve always wanted to have a family with a white woman
Tevin Nelson (1 day ago)
Justin Durham please don’t brother. You’ll regret it.
Antholo G (1 month ago)
I love my white sisters too but I don't discriminate I just want love and peace. Black women y'all are beautiful no matter what the media and these ignorant idiots say💯❤. Much respect for this Youtuber.
Haylee & Demyion (1 month ago)
I have been in an interracial relationship for 2 years now and i will say there is so much hate in this world. Interracial couples really get looked at differently bc there is so much racism in this world. Me and my boyfriend get looked at so differently every time we go into town. It sucks but at the same time its so good. Bc people like interracial couples are showing that racism shouldn’t exist. Color doesn’t even matter.
Dail Mcdavid (1 month ago)
I love white women in 1994 i fell in love with a beautiful one at my old job but she was spoken for I saw her staring at me Dec 23 1994 it made me feel good
Iam Theewalrustoo (1 month ago)
Why do my girl friends whisper "zoophilia" when I offer conversation about the black men I date? And why do black men ask me to yelp like a puppy when I let them have me from behind? Dr. Laura, I don't see myself as a bitch; why do black men treat me like one?
Raymone Henry (1 month ago)
am i the only one who thinks this dude looks like mac mall
shaquille sheppard (2 months ago)
Man you can’t do a video like this and not expect hate
Sodeepned (2 months ago)
Because white women are the epitome of beauty standards. There you go, problem solved.
Tevin Nelson (1 day ago)
Sodeepned most of them have body dysmorphic disorder
Angelica Parker (2 months ago)
Kenzie Griffeth (2 months ago)
The fit means he a blood (a gang for you lames)😂💯
Hamza (2 months ago)
It’s because you are insecure about your blackness. You want to have light children.
valerie martha (29 days ago)
??,?? That's lame
Boon Nobody (3 months ago)
It's actually bestiality. Whites should only breed with human beings like themselves.
Tevin Nelson (1 day ago)
Boon Nobody white people are dogs though. They have sex with their pets, they smell like wet dog, and they only shower once a week.
azeri8819 (3 months ago)
i loved white black asian latino red green blue every pretty girls o yeee )))
Tay R (3 months ago)
Update: that girl called him 1 week ago and told him he is smothering her and she needs space. ( Happening now:) that girl left him for another black Male who doesn't give a fuck and is true alpha
Damin Mance (3 months ago)
That's why I date white women black women come off clowning like kids who can't act right with so much drama they create
Tevin Nelson (1 day ago)
Damin Mance you really want a woman with low self esteem and body dysmorphic disorder?
Tenkashi69 (3 months ago)
White and Latina women are the best
Tevin Nelson (1 day ago)
Latinas are cute but white girls stink
burymedeep 2093 (16 days ago)
I must agree. Some latina are off the charts
Jonathan Long (3 months ago)
White girls are cute tho
OhSweetRisk (3 months ago)
I’m white date your own women we need are dna pure sir
Radical Energy (3 months ago)
I was holding my breath for the ignorance but everything you said in this video was genuine so nothing but love to you guys.
Jalynn Thompson (3 months ago)
That's cute
Lindiwe Mutsago (3 months ago)
Crazy dude 😂😂love u guys
Michori James (3 months ago)
you are so lucky
Thegamerkeemo56 (3 months ago)
bro i date any thing that god send towards me
ajjay (3 months ago)
I'll tell you why your even making this video in the first place. It's because there are a bunch of black dudes running around asking white girls "black guys or white guys" on youtube. Theirs a bunch of those kind of videos surfacing that serves as a platform for racist people and angry black women to go to. It just reinforces all the negative stereotypes about people in the first place. That's why you feel obligated to make videos that justify your love for your girlfriend is real.
Donnie Jeter (4 months ago)
I'm just gonna say this not every black girl will date a black guy so I don't see the big deal if he wants to only date White Girls. That's just what he likes and that's his business to so don't be racist or a hater because he like's what he like's. I like that hoodie I'm feeling the sweater so much.
Afatsao Agboka (4 months ago)
The only reason I hate being black is that black boys are crazy but let's see where the future bring me to cause I wanna marry a black male!
Real Hagi (4 months ago)
Every race should date the opposite of their skin let's be real
unknownprofiler (20 days ago)
No should only date who they love or else well all be light skins
Larry Mandaville (4 months ago)
I love white without downing my own race
Kennedy Sanchez (4 months ago)
Damn almost said same but nvm ....yes I only date white guys
raegyn parrish (4 months ago)
I LITERALLY just cried watching this ... this is the kinda love I’m looking for. This is why I won’t settle for just anyone. 😭❤️
Alphonzo Williams (4 months ago)
Where can I find nice looking white girl
b19-brumcity (5 months ago)
white girls feet smells good
Erin Dunne (5 months ago)
ok imma cry
Obaro Ejukonemu (5 months ago)
African Americans are weird and disgusting—————— sincerely an African black man
Matt King (5 months ago)
Your a sell out
maddieoffical msp (5 months ago)
Why is it a problem with a black guy dating a white girl? Black girls are pretty but it’s what guys go for.. you can’t stop them from wanting what they want.
Jayden Cofty (6 months ago)
“That girl loves chipotle just as much as I do!”😂 Sav... everyone needs a man like yours! Y’all are perfect!
Zoe Scott (6 months ago)
U guys r so damn cute!!! Love ya
Kitty (6 months ago)
James Bond (6 months ago)
It's business for me. Not personal
moonwalker3000_ (6 months ago)
lol his ex wasnt white, and his current girl Sav isnt white. Sav is either Arab or hispanic....
S.L Junior (6 months ago)
That ghetto attitude is y many black guys I know don’t mess with black girls.
comic book hero (6 months ago)
Don't blame you bro...I rather Date White girl then black girls
CTV Houston (6 months ago)
White women wrock!!!
TrichsRUs (7 months ago)
You had me concerned for a second bro. I love white woman ...just like I love ALL women. I’m not AGAINST dating a white woman. However, NEVER will I “prefer” them over black women. I was birthed and breastfed by a black queen, so you’ll have to excuse me.
Zyllah schwarting (3 months ago)
Good for you.
Handsome noobNub (7 months ago)
Percy Reed (7 months ago)
Good job dude love your white girls they rules my dude 👍👌😉
A lone Cockroach (7 months ago)
I feel very sorry for thinking this, but I can't help it. My conscious mind tells me it's okay when black guys and white girls date each other, but on an instinctual level, it just disgusts me. Sorry, I can't help it and I feel sorry for thinking it. I try to see it as normal, but some primitive and tribal part of me tells me it's wrong.
Larry Mandaville (7 months ago)
I love Latinas
oK.A.Y (7 months ago)
I subbed amazing video. Very sweat
bryanna davis (7 months ago)
Love is love it does not matter if your black
CoOl duDe (7 months ago)
Because they're better than black girls..
Jennifer Thornton (7 months ago)
This guy is a idiot.
Jennifer Thornton (7 months ago)
You only date white women because you are a self hater. You dont like yourself.
Walter White (7 months ago)
You are a river black man
Theresa Thomas (7 months ago)
Love Thisssss!!! 😍😍😍😍
Kylie K (7 months ago)
have fun with flat ass bitches that cant cook and got no culture 😷
Kylie K (4 months ago)
Ohh Yea white boys like me*
Kylie K (4 months ago)
Ohh Yea Nahh i like black boys
Ohh Yea (4 months ago)
You like white boys tho
Sleepy pink cloud Asmr (7 months ago)
I will go to chipotle for four times a week not kidding. Veggie bowl is my favorite , you and sav should buy me some 😂jk I love you guys so much like the love you guys share is so beautiful
Rachel Mageni (7 months ago)
Who else got triggered and wanted to write a negative comment before watching the whole thing and smashed the like button
Sinéad .D (7 months ago)
Does it matter🤷🏾‍♀️ Everybody has their preference
nebiat yemane (7 months ago)
I was very to close to unsubscribe you
LifeWith D&J (7 months ago)
Beautiful relationship! We have been together for 4 and half years and it’s a lot of racism that happens when we are out but at the end of the day everyone is beautiful and love is love! Do not be those people who bash white women and black men because they are in love. Just be you and appreciate the one you love 💯 subscribe
Fresh Da Kid (7 months ago)
Click bait
Paul James (7 months ago)
I like feminine women. They are worth riding for. Don't worry about race, just love
Nikolette Wilson (7 months ago)
How will i find a man like this lol hes so sweet to her 💜
rhianna domen (7 months ago)
I love how u talk a about God❤🤘ur perfect together👫
Yellow Synth (7 months ago)
can you do a "I wanna date my own race Prank"
Ana S. (7 months ago)
You look like Elmo.
Yo Peapes (7 months ago)
I love u guys But that TITAL tho!!!!!!!!
Amber Gallangos (8 months ago)
I agree!!! I never excepted to end up marrying a Mexican man but it happened..it’s been almost 9 years.
nigga please you on youtube you gone get some backlash
B Nation (8 months ago)
Black ,white ,yellow ,pink ,turquoise ,..... none 😂❤️
·PINK· Rose· (8 months ago)
You guys are sooo cute😖😍❤❤❤ I just found ur channel today and I'm already in love with it!😊
MGTOW Monkey (8 months ago)
I love white females because the sex is better. Period.
MGTOW Monkey (7 months ago)
everybody know this
CoOl duDe (7 months ago)
White girls are better than black girls IMO.
SeyGabriel ツ (7 months ago)
I Want Money123 wut
I Want Money123 (7 months ago)
all the white girls I've been wit can't really take dick and ride dick like a dog scooting its ass across the carpet. i guess thats cool if you have a smaller sized dick but that shit get annoying for me. bitches be tapping out talking bout "omg i need a break I'm getting sore" heads
isaac kyaruzi (8 months ago)
I wish to get married with a white women, this is my dream,I wish it to come true
Real Hagi (8 months ago)
When black man say I don't like black women White girls will be happy but when black guy say black girls are beautiful white girls will say all women are beautiful
Tee B (18 days ago)
Thank youuu
D'Arcy Liliana (1 month ago)
+LonghairedRegyna Girl ain't nobody hating on you.
D'Arcy Liliana (1 month ago)
Ikrrrr preach!
5371 #Madridista (2 months ago)
LonghairedRegyna Lol no black girls don’t ever say anything when guys say that. Only if some black men say that. You sound bitter
Chanel Dompierre (6 months ago)
KhadyRegyna it’s true, but I (obviously a black girl) has no problem with interracial relationships, just the ignorant ones do 😂
Sayak Ray (8 months ago)
I am an Indian guy and in love with a white girl just outside of my apartment. She is very beautiful, but I see her on the road and smile she just runs away from me. I just want to be friends with her and interact but she is like I am a monster. Indians like me who are not that good looking, we do suffer.
yepido noldol (3 months ago)
How's it now
uptown killa21 (8 months ago)
I love sav smile like she's always smiling
Kila Fultz (9 months ago)
Where is that sweatshirt from!?!?!?!?
Ana G (9 months ago)
Im ded he said yellow,purple,and turquoise #JOSHANDSAV
Halfofmyheart (9 months ago)
New sub .. loving you guys!!!
Halfofmyheart (9 months ago)
I’m married to a white male, he stole my heart and yes it sounds cliche, but I knew he was the one since our first date, he was unlike any other, I never felt the type of feelings I did for him towards anybody else and the feelings were so strong, just on another level. It’s hard to explain, but it was something my heart never felt before and I was definitely in love with the guy I dated before him, but those strong feelings couldn’t compare — I guess a lot of you know what I’m talking about and when you know it’s meant to be you just know. Previous to dating him, I had a great 2 year relationship with a black male. I got so much hate from white males of every age and so did he, and not as much, but still a lot of hate from black females. They use to tell me to stop stealing their men?! and oh she isn’t even thick?!? she is just playin you dumb 🤬%!?! She’s pretty, skinny, got that long straight hair ?!!and you know 🤬 she got her rich white man at home ?,!., and you’re too stupid to know you’re the side d*ck while her man is workin long hours on wall street?! Trust me I have a couple white friends just like her?!? The first few months it bothered the both of usWe had great times together and he was always with me, would do anything for me..Our connection was very strong and we were very much committed to each other. He got me an engagement ring, surprised me with a big tattoo of my name on his forearm with a heart going around it starting where you would dot the letter i in my name and said my wifey. I ended up breaking it off, but after that first year of little texts here and there, it turned into phone calls, him meeting my new man and vice versa are still close friends that talk every month for a few hours or twice a month.. Thankfully my husband trusts me bc I would never jeopardize what we have. Then previous to that I dated s Puerto Rican guy for a year. Like Josh said no discrimination. LOVE IS LOVE NO MATTER WHAT ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💗
GRE (5 months ago)
your a weirdo thats probably what u and him have in common i bet you like sniffing eachothers underwear
Jonathan Payton (9 months ago)
I have the reason because ur tired of black girls bullshit
Candersson Swedican (9 months ago)
The answer is because you want a more beautiful woman and your children will be smarter because they will be half white, simple. This is what most of my black friends have told me as to why they only date white women. I always respond, but for the white woman doesn't that mean that her kid will be half as smart as if she had mated with a white guy. ...lol a good black friend of mine she's a professional has a degree hasn't got married because she does not want to marry a black guy and she's not good-looking enough to marry a white guy so she said she'd rather be single than have dumb kids. How sad, the black race is being distroyed. First by them killing each other to the tune of 270,000 in the last 25 years and then the rest being bred out of existence by marrying our white trash.
Candersson Swedican (9 months ago)
Give me the percentage of white men married to black women please and are these women very well off? then i will give you the percentage of black men married to any other race other then black. So i am 100 percent dumb for telling you what black friends of mine have told me?...Just saying
Charles Baylor (9 months ago)
Candersson Swedican So you're saying. When White men marry black women, they want their children to be half dumb? Lol No offence but you seem 100% dumb. Just saying 😂👍
Pink Yogi (9 months ago)
Go to hell
rhianna domen (7 months ago)
Pink Yogi seriously??🙊
kiarrah (9 months ago)
rename this to "why I love sav" so cute
frenchy role (9 months ago)
black people especially black men really irritate me. I don't know why black men think you can end racism or make the world a better place for black people by fucking white women & creating biracial children. the fact that black men think they can really fuck and suck their way out of white dominance is repulsive. you have to be missing at least a couple of chromosomes to ever come up with that. This is one of the reasons why the black race will always be at the bottom. You're trying to end black disenfranchisement and systemic racism with diplomacy. If black men put the same amount of energy into being the leaders of their own community, building their own businesses, putting their own women on a pedestal then black people as a whole would be better off. Black men are aggressively chasing white women at unbelievable rates. I see at least 10-15 black men with white women couples a day and I'm in the south. When I'm at work I see them more than I see black men with black women couples yet i don't see any positive change reflected in black men's lives. Black men are still at the bottom of the barrel, you're still the most unemployed, still being mass incarcerated, still being shot by the police, still being sentenced to jail for longer periods for the same crimes that white men commit, still don't own your own talent etc. Yet, interracial dating has increased. it's sad that black men view progression as having sexual access to white women. White women are considered to be the black man's prize, trophy & reparations. This is why black men are not fighting to be at the top because you are comfortable in your subjugation as long as you can sleep with white women. That is what black men really wanted & that is what black men fought for. Not to be equal and respected as men but to fight for integration so they can have Caucasoid cavebeast Becky vagina. Congratulations Black Men...You Played Yourself.
Charles Baylor (9 months ago)
frenchy role Someone got a little *triggered* 😂😂
Angelique Peniston (9 months ago)
"I'm making a statement and that statement is........idk":-) ;-)

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