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Which Do Guys Prefer? Black Or White Girls | College Edition

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So I went around UAB's campus asking male students which do they prefer black or white girls. Watch to see what they chose and why! RATE ME 1-10 Public Interview Video: https://youtu.be/56SPcE1S6nA SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/meganmillions Previous Video: https://youtu.be/56SPcE1S6nA ------------------------------------------------------------ Follow & Connect With Me INSTAGRAM- @gabriellem_ https://www.instagram.com/gabriellem_/ SNAPCHAT || @gabriellem13 ------------------------------------------------------------ Frequently Asked Questions: Age: 21 Ethnicity: African American Height: 5'5 --------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------------------------- Shop My Closet- Poshmark - https://poshmark.com/closet/meganmillions --------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------------------------- COUPON CODES Whitening Kit: https://www.whitewithstyle.com (COUPON CODE: kink28 TO GET KIT FOR ONLY $28.00 90% OFF) http://www.fashionnova.com/ Code: XOGABM for 15% off! ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------------------- BUSINESS INQUIRES ONLY If you are a business Contact Me at: [email protected] For Business inquires ONLY such as Product Reviews or Sponsorship
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Text Comments (4591)
Gabrielle Morris (7 months ago)
LETS GET THIS VIDEO TO 1K LIKES!!! Also follow me on Instagram: @GabrielleM_ https://www.instagram.com/gabriellem_/
Wanda Neal (1 month ago)
Because I care about that
Monique Pought (1 month ago)
Why do you care about that?
Wanda Neal (1 month ago)
I chose white girls
James Gray (4 months ago)
How about asking why do so many black people spend so much money supporting ALL THE SWIRLERS ENTERTAINERS like Tiffani Had dish, Jamie FOXX, Eddie Murphy , Kanye, all the Kardashian owned brothers , etc...
Tressie Dorcelus (58 minutes ago)
The white boys have an excuse why they choose white woman Like a long as story lol THEY SCARED !!
DrippinMelaninKiki (14 hours ago)
Let's be honest y'all like white woman because they obedient and we not finna set there and let no nigga "boss" us around like they personal dog. Shout out to my black kings that held it down, we don't see much of those in this generation.
lisa brown (1 day ago)
Alot of black girls ratchet ...
Le’Asia Holifield (1 day ago)
We blacks are not equal to white womans😂😂
Le’Asia Holifield (1 day ago)
Black Queens will always win 🖤😌
afro legacy 971 (1 day ago)
Prefer black Girls Queen 👸🏽 😍😍♥️
Imma Have To Go White Girls even tho Im Black Idk Why But everytime I see an attractive White Girl my heart beats so damn fast
Reggie Johnson Jr (2 days ago)
Honestly, bible i'm often been go my date white girls but good influence at once role for black queen no a such things hate just live and future . Enjoy Life flash blood that all.
Janeil Pollidore (2 days ago)
Wesley kills me every video his answers always on point 👏🏽👏🏽
SKY Heynes (2 days ago)
What school is this?
loathe sol (2 days ago)
I’m Muslim, my skin is like tan, so I am I titled as mixed or white? #BlackAndWhiteIsBeautiful
Niaaa Biaaa (3 days ago)
Chelsea_ Sings (3 days ago)
“I don’t want to be a racist on camera” IM DONEE
Aniyah Taylor (3 days ago)
1:18 Tiger Woods has entered the chat
Deeana Anderson (3 days ago)
2:48 Lol he's everywhere😂
whipper snapper (3 days ago)
Black girls all day
Meek_The_Sneek 1 (4 days ago)
I'm a Hispanic male and i love black women
Kante Musima (4 days ago)
When they become rich, ask them the same question again
hello 10 (3 days ago)
They will distance themselves from their women and make whites rich. It's a lack of strategy, intelligence. Victim mentality at the same time.
We Are 01 (4 days ago)
Blue Tiger (4 days ago)
9:10 to9:20 was my favorite you black girls know how to fuck 😩🤣
Kayneisha Campbell (4 days ago)
Not gon lie I feel bad for the guy at @ 10:16, he looked like he wished he could change that himself but didn't know exactly how to go about changing the family pattern that was basically embedded in him. But salute to his honesty cause he could've just bash tf outta black women. His answer was fine with me👌🏾
BB (4 days ago)
"i am weak" *straight face*
Gaby (4 days ago)
I dont fu ** wit white ppl
Thai DIY (4 days ago)
It cool that black men are showing love to black women in this video. But why is everything black vs white. I want to marry someone who loves me and treats me with respect. Not based of the color of your skin. If I happen to marry a person outside of my race, I don’t want them to fetishize me over my skin color but actually love me for who I am as a person. I think humans limit ourselves way to much. And what does skin color have to do with dating??? But I do love the fact that the men in his video are uplifting black women💖
Mark Jones (4 days ago)
I love black queen 😍😍 😍❤️
Asher Blackwood (5 days ago)
Correction they prefer lighter skin black girls. Not BLACK COLOR skin girls.
Remiyyah (1 day ago)
Asher Blackwood And yet, most dark skinned black women are with black men. So, you’re wrong buddy
Asher Blackwood (3 days ago)
+hello 10 not just mixed, remember there are different shades of black but all considered as black. Guys may take a milk chocolate instead of a Dark chocolate or a darker shade.
hello 10 (3 days ago)
You mean they like mixed women.
WTF is this accent it made me nerveous
Elvis Ameb (5 days ago)
Most guys want to sleep with white bitches but won't settle with them... White girls are not at the top anymore, Asians are... Personally hmm here goes Asian(Filipino), Latino, black then white... Black girls is kind of tricky you get the loud hood trash that's a no no, but there's a lot of gorgeous black ladies out there so to be honest, those black ladies have a certain attractiveness that can't be explained, but most of them prefer white dudes or rich dudes and I'm not either...
Leyinda Clauphelhs (5 days ago)
I definitly choose both
no one (5 days ago)
Why are black women called queens just because they are black? If your a queen why are you angry, queens are not angry 🤷
Remiyyah (1 day ago)
Also, “Queen” is a term of endearment.
Remiyyah (1 day ago)
Anyone can be angry lol. It’s a human emotion
Twila Davidson (5 days ago)
9:04 my mans Alex kept it reeeeeooo!! 😂😂🤗💯💯💯
Brayhlon Cyrry (5 days ago)
Black Queens baby!
Stacey Avila (5 days ago)
I love how real and raw their answers are and how you are not judgmental or defensive about their real opinion. Def learned something from you ! You gained a subscriber girl these videos be funny and amusing af
BURTON WARD (6 days ago)
I prefer black and Asian girls with slim good booty's
Jack Iron (6 days ago)
White over negros anyday
DamondParis (6 days ago)
I’m weak.
1GoldRunner (7 days ago)
What garbage, if you want to know the truth, most black men would rather choose a lighter skinned black woman than a dark skinned skinned one point black. Not only that but "Caucasian" facial features are valued higher than traditional Negroid features. Its racist, its colorist, but its table talk that the black community doesn't want to acknowledge in the public. The same things happens in the gay community as well. I never even watched the video but after reading the comments, you obviously pressured the men to speak highly of black women because you're one. If a white women or any other minority race interviewed them, the truth would slowly come out. Statistics don't lie, theres a reason why black women the least married individuals.
Remiyyah (1 day ago)
Most dark skinned women are with black men. Stop spreading this false narrative.
riya (7 days ago)
ayyyyyyy! black girl magic
Hey Sharon (7 days ago)
First of all All those black guys are Cute asf 😍😍
Elizabeth Tobias (7 days ago)
Liars...im a LATINA and im dating a Black man...but i really think black woman and Latinas have very strong attitudes.we dont deal with bullshit...we cook and we love family.we fight for what we want.
Imagine if a white guy raised his fist and said "white power".7:11
Pick A Shoe (8 days ago)
This man at 1:35 really was justifying himself by saying he LITERALLY HAS brothers and sisters 😂😂
Bob Fury (8 days ago)
Shout out to all my White Queens!!!
Bob Fury (8 days ago)
Well, if you only ask black people about their own preference, rumor has that they would usually choose their own race as a preference.
Shakira Jenkins (9 days ago)
I'm black and white, heh best of both worlds
Lisa's World (10 days ago)
None is better than each other!
Rinda Dennis (11 days ago)
Are we gonna talk about that white dude who said he was born in a racist family, but he’s trying to do better and it’s not necessarily something you can just fix. Not gonna lie kinda respect that (even tho it’s kinda sad). I like that he was able to admit that. 💯
Madison Maturo (11 days ago)
Black girls all day sis! White girls pretty but Black women are magic 😭😍💕
Tweety Luv (11 days ago)
“Well im actually gay” 💀🤣 her face expression was funny asf
Woman are made from man for man a helpermate, so meaning a meek, helper, best friend.meek meaning : quiet,gentle,easily imposed on;submissive.unprotesting,self-effacing,modest,head covered.the only way a woman can serve God is doing what he say for woman it is to submit to man and cover your glory. That is your hair,any woman with short hair is scorned by God.
Roberto Reyes (12 days ago)
White girls all the way for me
Anzac Garland (12 days ago)
11:34 her face lmao
Kelvin Larkin (12 days ago)
Had to choose black or white black but mixed and Hispanic girls are my weaknesses
Tori Jean Salazar (12 days ago)
You should do Hispanic or African American video. White girls are so basic 😂
Chakim Jules (13 days ago)
I love black girls 😍😍😍
Nikki Basurto (14 days ago)
What about the Latina’s?
black stars (14 days ago)
Most black people are very cruel so I say white girls
Kev 7 (15 days ago)
Most blk men like bw. Y'all bw trip out over a small minority of coonish blk men and project this to be all blk men like ww.
xavierprz (15 days ago)
It depends on who is attractive, not all women are beautiful that's BS.
Mr Ego (15 days ago)
Why do people hate white people?
Hisfavor1 (15 days ago)
is it me or do a lot of these younger millenials( 17-25) come off real sweet/ androgynous. It's sickening to me. You're a man, i assume it has a lot to do with being raised by single mothers( no strong male figure- Fathers)
itsjrose S (16 days ago)
I'm a white girl and I respect black girls 👍
Tessa Z (16 days ago)
Gabrielle: black girls or white girls? Random guy: well, I’m actually gay.
Queen Eevee (16 days ago)
What about them other brown girls! Mexicans and native Americans! Where we at! Lol I love my queens tho! Shout out to you beautiful women! 🍩🍫
Elsa A (17 days ago)
Literally nobody: Gabrielle: IM WEAK
x x (18 days ago)
My boy bestie said white girls coz they freaky 😂
Faith Joplin (18 days ago)
Lmao when you get offended by people saying white women over black women
Ndeye Beye (18 days ago)
How come everyone demised whites for slavery and plus Africans did sell their own and y’all don’t demised the Arabs who sold Africans 1,400 years before the whites did and plus along time ago when African queens didn’t know what wigs and weaves were they embraced their own natural hair and not wear some fake thing on their head why can’t y’all just do the same thing and plus why some of y’all can’t just wear Afro hair
c v (18 days ago)
Black men don't cheat🤔🤔🤔
Raven Turner (18 days ago)
What school is this? Asking for a friend
jessica hatcher (19 days ago)
she should have had a grl that was not black or white to ask this question. I feel like most ppl just gave the answer they thought she wanted to hear.
kevin tronchin (19 days ago)
"black power" lol if I claim the vice versa in front of black people they're gonna get super angry etc... but if a black man does it we don't give a fuck cuz... that's the different between our races go deeper
Black Queens😍 Light skin or dark skin white Etc.when the lights off everyone black😂
ke ka (19 days ago)
Im black and I prefer white women ..black women not my type
Yoncé Knowles (19 days ago)
He choose white girls cause “white girls have less lip when it comes to us doing something “ Smh that’s sad. Black Women continue to be beautiful, strong and don’t take no shit from no man!
BrownInkTV (19 days ago)
Chris Berg (19 days ago)
- - - you know what I mean? - - - you know what I'm sayin? - - - you know what I mean? - - - you know what I'm sayin? - - - you know what I mean? - - - you know what I'm sayin?
Martell Tha Cool (20 days ago)
White women are better than black women. I don't recalled seeing white women throwing on Afro hair on their scalp and actually appreciate a good man. 72% of USA black women are single mothers
Stella Esther (20 days ago)
Thank you so much for the upload. You're so classy Gabrielle. It warms my heart to see our black kings uplifting their queens. Its a symbol of the black mans self-love & self respect, to love his own. Thats strength. I love my black brothers, nothing the oppressor does can change that.
Exclusive Beauty (20 days ago)
that boi in the blue shirt was fine
Eylül Yaman (21 days ago)
White Girls can be Queens too, we're all beautiful. 💖
Zaccheaus Dinkins (21 days ago)
We want so bad to get rid of racism but yet we ask questions like this....... we continue to create to separation but yet we want to be one!? I don’t understand this video! And yeah I’m black and wife is white! I don’t pick her because of her skin but yet the content of character! If she was black, white, Asian or whatever you ask I would still pick her! Y’all MF are killing the human race by separating the life as it is! We can’t want peace by speaking war! Regardless of skin tone it depends on the person! 🗣🗣THIS SHIT IS STUPID!!!!!! That’s like saying who you rather make yo sandwich white or black people! Why the fuck does it matter! Just make my shit!!!
robie bag (21 days ago)
Personally I think on average white girls are prettier , smarter and less argumentative than black girls tho black chicks have much more sexier well shaped bodies but they're a lot more racist towards specifically Indian , arab and Jewish guys . on average it seems almost all black chicks would date any one except Indian , Arab and Jewish guys only thoooo no woman would either but from my own experiences it seems out of all females Hispanic chicks and black chicks are very judgemental and very racist towards Indian , Arab and Jewish guys only .especially Hispanic chicks . But minority chicks have the much better bodies and looks than white women but are much more racist towards Indian , arab and Jewish guys . Because mostly white girls date them .And not to many minority girls .
The Underdog (22 days ago)
Gabrielle, of ALL the Young folks I've seen conductin' interviews of the public's opinion, you are BY FAR THE BEST interviewer on you tube!!! You are beautiful, I really love your smile, and you give excellent eye contact. You really seem very into the interviews. Job well done, young Sista 🌺🌹🌺🌹🌺🌹🌺🌹🌺
Posh Luxuries (22 days ago)
We love you too BLACK KINGS 🥰🥰🥰 I’ll never date a past slave master 💯💯💯💯
lee john (22 days ago)
This video is not fair. I dont know where u live but . As black men i choice white women because i never dated a black women before.
Lol Lol (22 days ago)
Black ppl gonna choose black on camera but irl they be dating white ppl or light skins.
Nate aka Black Lion (22 days ago)
I love all women from different race don't get me wrong, but black is always number #1 in my book
C.C.W (22 days ago)
Love ur shirt are from my town y'all #chicago
Honor Nevaeh (22 days ago)
I’m not racist because I love black people but I’m not even gonna lie it hurts me when black people talk about white people or when white people talk about black people. I under stand what white people did to black people a long time ago and that was very wrong and disrespectful and just not right but that’s over with, but to this day black people still use that against white people. And that’s not right. And I think it’s great that black people have made a name for themselves an everyone love them and all but I think that what a lot of white and black people don’t understand is that Martin Luther King jr didn’t fight for black people to be better then white people, but for black people to be just as great as white people and for everyone to be equal. And I think everyone is equal but a lot of videos and post like these make white people feel bad because “Black people are on top or better” these days. But their not and white people arent either. We are all equal. And a lot of people at my school think of white people as “weird”, but the only reason that most white people act “weird” is because they know that most of the black kids at my school aren’t going to hangout with them because of what their ancestors did and trust me they are quick to bring it up. I just feel like everyone is equal and we really need to stop focusing on color and putting other color down. 💯😩🥶
Remiyyah (10 days ago)
You must be mixed or something
x isalive (22 days ago)
I sometimed feel like regreting I am white....I really *really* like black guys and don't care bout rasizam,but it doesn't seem same on their side tho...
x isalive (10 days ago)
+Remiyyah Whell ty cahnged my mood
Remiyyah (10 days ago)
Ummm lots of black guys like white chicks. And vice versa Shouldn’t be too hard to find the ones who do lol
TJ Sand (23 days ago)
11:15...he tried 😭😭🤦🏾‍♂️
TJ Sand (23 days ago)
I knowww I'm not the only fool that saw 5:23 and pressed pause...
TORI HARPER (23 days ago)
mrsprimo999 (23 days ago)
Wow, I can't believe the MASSIVE difference with racial issues between the U.S. and Canada. Y'all seem really culturally segregated. It ain't like that up here unless you live way out in the country. Anywhere CLOSE to any major metropolitan area around here, you get extensive multiculturalism and racial mixing. And, honestly, we are all better for it. How boring would it be to only be exposed to one's OWN culture? I don't envy y'all, that's for sure.
mrsprimo999 (6 days ago)
+Remiyyah i hear you. Around the GTA there is an extensive immigrant population including tons of Indians/brown ppl, ppl from the Caribbean, Africans (lots of Ghanaians, Nigerian, Ethiopian and Somalia), Hispanics, Filipinos, YOU NAME IT! Far from just black and white here friend. Toronto is super cosmopolitan and the attitude spills over into the suburbs. You only racist/ignorant if you live in the boonies and even then, its a CHOICE.
Remiyyah (10 days ago)
Black culture is dominating in the United States and every other races attaches to it. Can’t mix anything when there’s only one culture being used lol Also, you have to understand that race relations are horrible in America. It’s always been the worst here due to history
paul Clothing Lots (23 days ago)
Only black girl's are queen (haha)
Karen Carney (23 days ago)
He's adorable... when he says 'blk gurls give me that *tingly* sensation' that was kinda cute
NYLA Drummond (24 days ago)
Anyone else ever get lost in the ads 😟
NYLA Drummond (24 days ago)
Yes I'm finna get this maxi glide 😎

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