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Rihanna - Towards The Sun (Lyric Video)

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Rihanna Towards The Sun (From "Home" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2015). All (C) rights go to Rihanna. Buy "Home" soundtrack on iTunes: http://goo.gl/32JR6a Tracklist: 1 Towards the Sun - Rihanna 2 Run To Me - Clarence Coffee Jr. 3 Cannonball - Kiesza 4 As Real As You and Me - Rihanna 5 Red Ballon - Charli XCX 6 Dancing In the Dark - Rihanna 7 Drop That - Jacob Plant 8 Feel the Light - Jennifer Lopez
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Text Comments (8929)
N Ruins (16 hours ago)
Joa vlogs (23 hours ago)
I love the movie of home
Claudia González (1 day ago)
I love
Cambria Garzon (1 day ago)
2019 anyone??
IJaydon (1 day ago)
Frozen: 1,7 Billion (RLY???) This Awesome, Best Animation Song: 33 Million IT's NOT FAIRR >:(
Erlan Askaralieva (1 day ago)
Emmanuel Awotwe (2 days ago)
Best song ever I really love your songs
Octo Guy (2 days ago)
I didn't knew this was from Home
XxGiuproxX (3 days ago)
I hear this at my *HOME*
WAKOKAINE (3 days ago)
Aspect Henry (3 days ago)
Chap sent me here
Ágoston Kristóf (4 days ago)
I miss Rih so much....
Paige Starkey (4 days ago)
Nice song
Haleema Malik (4 days ago)
Rihanna: turn your face towards the sun let the ashesof ur burnt eyes fall behind you.....I LOVE THIS SONG SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ReLLaMaRBeats (4 days ago)
liquid chap sent me here .
Aspect Henry (3 days ago)
ReLLaMaRBeats yesss
υмα мєиiиα (5 days ago)
Hahha manoo 🖤
Renatao Da Silva (1 hour ago)
+υмα мєиiиα kkkkkkk quando tava no final do filme eu quase chorei ;-;
υмα мєиiиα (5 hours ago)
+Renatao Da Silva cada um na sua casa, kkk o nome é meio estranho
Renatao Da Silva (2 days ago)
Qual. Nome desse filme? Eu já vi mais não lembro o nome;-;
gabi k (5 days ago)
Só eu q choro ouvindo isso? Skkskskks
Ununquadium 289 (5 days ago)
there is "tell your(or the) pray" not "dont look back" 0:11
Ngọc Anh Chu (5 days ago)
Wanda Opitz (5 days ago)
I loved this movie in 2015! I was only 7 but still sad. 10/10 movie if you have not seen it yet(I doubt you have not)
KosovoKid04 (5 days ago)
Who’s here from Liquid Chap? No? Just me? Ok.
Roger Zendejas (4 days ago)
KosovoKid no not just The mmj
Me encanto
Finish The Book (6 days ago)
Movie was shit ngl but the this song is great
Im Roo (6 days ago)
Candy Webb (7 days ago)
I Love This SONG😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👌👌🏻👌🏻🙏❤
PRnumber1 (7 days ago)
Turn your face toward the sun!? Woah woah,don’t get me blind!
Pluloop (8 days ago)
I remember when the movie came out on my birthday
Sacha _lovexoxo (8 days ago)
I don't remember any if this from the film!
niceforwhattho (8 days ago)
What a beautiful tune and song by my rudegal Robyn aka Badgalriri aka Rihanna!
Ashimw l Aude (9 days ago)
When is part 2 come
Ashimw l Aude (9 days ago)
When is part 2
this sung has a massage ?lot of meaning
Preete Sachdeva (9 days ago)
Guys ny name is also Rihanna
Katie Monson (10 days ago)
Omggggggg I randomly just found this song and realized this is the shit that’s always on Tik tok and my life is making a little more sense
Ezra (10 days ago)
Overwhelming. maw😻😽😸
JohnBlox YT (11 days ago)
Who remembers the movie *HOME*? Gives us old memories from the movie then
It's my favorite song and my favorite movie
Ina Jirah Serquina (12 days ago)
So this was already four years ago?! What? How...
ash_ rose (13 days ago)
I've always thought it was turn faith to the sun :/
·Loa fz· (13 days ago)
I swear, I was the only one who cried😂 I adimited it
Jovana M-Vids (13 days ago)
This songs makes me cry (am I the only one?)
Weird Lol (13 days ago)
The only reason I came here because my cousins far away, watched this together but I was young then (2016) 🥀😭🤧
benjamin cordova (13 days ago)
Tik Tok perris
Lindemberg Silva (13 days ago)
Q eu que sou riana 😭 tá difícil as pessoas entender que sou eu riana
Semi_XD (14 days ago)
I think TikTok is cringe af but i watched some cringe tiktok complitation and they played this song so i searched up: the title obviously. And now i love it💛
Adithyan Adi (14 days ago)
Woww what a song 😍😍😍
Abigail Bepat (15 days ago)
Officially M-Dog (15 days ago)
This song makes me cry😭😭
Ammabarbz (16 days ago)
My most emotional song ever.
Kazeem Tunde (17 days ago)
Why did I feel like she was talking to me? What a song.
GlitchyGamer 404 (18 days ago)
Is this a Disney some someone reply to me ASAP I need to know. For my competition
Blob Bruh (17 days ago)
This songs from a movie NOT Disney I think its by dreamworks Its name is Home Its a 2016 movie
Juana Garcia (18 days ago)
Hamo esa canción
Big Seone (19 days ago)
**Tik Tok has entered the chat**
Analisa Silva (21 days ago)
It's so sad me and! My momwhere crying because it reminds me of when I couldent be with her especially her because my grandma hated her she was poor and pregnant on the streets until some lady took her too her boarding home they treadet her like shit in sanitonio and as it for those twins leia in lean we had to give them to faster care because my Grandma did not want to take care of five kids I used to talk to my mommy (every day) on the cell phone when I was 7 then one day my mom came home we picked her up she seriesly fell on the sement and starded crying tears of joy scraped brosed dislocated her knee we even mad a welcome home anniethia banner in I don't know why my brother Phillip tore it but he did Home was my 13 year old birthday present
Analisa Silva (21 days ago)
Home is my favorite movie in monster inc
n h (21 days ago)
Vanessa Garcia (21 days ago)
It so sad it made me cry
푸른바다 (21 days ago)
2 0 1 9 ?
Samy Luna (22 days ago)
Vickie Mensah (22 days ago)
So sad but awsome
Max (22 days ago)
I thought this song was from an epic movie like dragons or fantasy movie like Lord of the rings.
GD NekoPlayzXD (22 days ago)
My childhood I love this!
Johanna Gutierrez (22 days ago)
I love this song so much 🎼🎵♥♥♥♥
Yessica Segura (23 days ago)
And you kink
Brittany Ortiz (23 days ago)
Home viva pinata kidz bop movie music soundtrack
Brittany Ortiz (23 days ago)
🦊 oh
Stephanie Mujan (23 days ago)
Rihanna the Red head celtic singer?
step4fam (23 days ago)
2019 any one
Amihan A.M. (23 days ago)
rihannas voice has so much potential.
One Gamer (23 days ago)
*_-TIK TOK-_* 👌
anastasios mitsanis (25 days ago)
Suhasi Popli (25 days ago)
Yusuf Yasir Gürel (26 days ago)
Thuan Nguyen (26 days ago)
i love this song and this movie!! thank you for this lyric video! :D
georgia xo (26 days ago)
I love home tbh
Lynn Weaver (26 days ago)
My mom is Dead and this.was her. favorite song and it was her favorite movie I Really miss her.like Really miss her
Julian Ferman (27 days ago)
Cebula Krzyś (27 days ago)
Arthur (27 days ago)
Turn your face towards the sun *does it I've been burned i've been burned I've been burned
they_scream_nesah baby (27 days ago)
Repeat after me i swear to god i will like this comment
Shock (28 days ago)
Shock (28 days ago)
It’s sorta sad that some people are just finding this song lmao. I personally found it years ago through Heroes Reborn
hola soy kawaii OMG (28 days ago)
2 0 1 9????
Marybeth Strauss (29 days ago)
This song reminds me of my old best friend, miss her so much. Haven't seen her in a year and a half😭😭😢😞
Vishwanath Kamble (27 days ago)
I also miss my best friend.. I just lost her yesterday from MY life.... 🙁
Alice Mendes (29 days ago)
Jonathan Issayas (29 days ago)
am I the only one who never understood she was saying the song until now.
The Undertaker (27 days ago)
Rhianna Lopez (1 month ago)
You Rhianna took my name sham on you cus my name is Rhianna and geess what that's is a nother Rhianna at my school and other Rhianna do not tack my name
Wendy Gerald (1 month ago)
I love you so much ok
I miss when the comment section wasn’t a calender
good heart 9 (1 month ago)
2019!!?? Anyone
Mr Pahablik (1 month ago)
мне под эту песню рыдать охото я люблю этот мультик ооооо этого чудика зовут
Ricardo Sanchez (1 month ago)
Dale like si la sigues escuchando
Gia Phúc channel (1 month ago)
Todo Gantulga (1 month ago)
Cool toys
권대제 (1 month ago)
me Mentql I watched the movie and EPISODES IN NETFLIX and its pretty awesome
Segar Awg (1 month ago)
i love dis song
AR KEN (1 month ago)
I dont remember most of this on the movie.
Like a the beutyful music
Egg Army (1 month ago)
Who’s here because they actually like the song and not here because of the bad movie or tik tok memes

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