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Women Reveal Which Guys 'Get The Girl' (r/AskReddit)

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Women of Reddit reveal the differences between guys that 'get the girl' and guys that don't! Dating and girlfriend advice! 🔔 Hit the bell for notifications so you never miss a video! 🏆 Like, Comment and Subscribe if you're new here! All of the best AskReddit videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_uurXWjx0N9UjHpaz_CPGfzhfjcUzghk More great Reddit content coming soon!
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Bloodshot Red (2 days ago)
"Women arent puzzles that need to be solved" that is a puzzle in itself lmao
the geth (2 days ago)
Time for girls to reply calling people incels for pointing out how women behave.
Andy Salter (4 days ago)
Bullshit !! Be good looking or a big bank account and you will never not get a girl !!
TheBrantfordRailfan (4 days ago)
The answer is very simple for which guys get the girl: NOT ME
Nicolas Tofano (4 days ago)
There is no chance for the average men anymore on the dating scene.
Chill X (5 days ago)
Im doomed.
Xar'Azoth (5 days ago)
Try to be the best version of yourself, try to improve every day and be honest about what you like and dislike.
Juan Ochoa Muniz (5 days ago)
this seemed interesting, the only good thing that i could take away rn is the grooming/hygene part, anybody wants that, cause is healthy, the rest is just opinions, every woman is different, while there r generalizations, u have to talk to people in order to like their personality, looks r important, cause obviously sex attraction, but some women want money, others r smarter and want a balance, for example: a good looking guy, with a r es asonable character that is ready to take on whatever life throws at him, so yeah, there is no such thing as the secret to "get the girl". is all about knowing urself and having a reasonable perspective in life, anyways, byeeee
Cristopher Reeve (6 days ago)
Basicaly, have a heart made of steel (not evil, but strong) - learn how to talk to woman normally (like we dont know many of us have that problem) - if u feel sad or bad with anything, be happy, even if u're not. - dont hate woman or treat them badly. even if most of them treated u that way in ur whole life (ofc that wrong, but some people create that as a defense.) - get a hobby outside like......... no idea - even if u have hygiene, sense of humor, respect, hard working, sometimes u're still F cause u dont have the looks or cant find someone whos willing to try something.
Cujas (6 days ago)
Most of this should be intuitive, common sense stuff. - Shower - Shave - Treat people like human beings and not an object you want to stick your d*** into.
Clutch Carter (6 days ago)
Go mgtow
some Dude on yt (7 days ago)
now ask men, we cannot have standard's:/
OBLIVION TM (7 days ago)
Guys aren't unhygiene,its just a stereotype
DRSNova (7 days ago)
I'm a guy with mostly female friends....so yeah, can confirm that seeing/treating women as just people instead of mysterious aliens from another planet works perfectly well. And I think there's no better wingman for guys than a girl-friend that can quickly confirm to another girl you're interested in that you're not a creep/an asshole. (Protip: Don't be a creep/an asshole in the first place)
Thot Slayer (7 days ago)
All of these posts genuinely made me mad cause I know how full of shit they really are 🙄
jake jackobson (7 days ago)
1- be attractive 2-be tall 3- have a large penis
ThatChainmecha (8 days ago)
Why would you ask a woman how to attract a woman
MrSecretSentai (8 days ago)
That female friends think is crap cause it’s less creepy if you have female friends but then as soon as we start dating they want you to stop hanging out with those same female friends
Al Dente (8 days ago)
So basically if I want to have some chance of finding someone I have to stop EVERYTHING I do to actually try to get someone in my life. "Don't go speaking only to your crush". Yea sure... But you do realise I'm not trying to go out with miss 4/10 right ? I have like 4-5 female friend (some are pretty attractive in their own way) actually and I'm not intending or even thinking about getting with one of them even for a night. They have absolutely 0 chance of going out with me. I can't be friend for years and one day switching to "boyfriend mode" when you start to have feeling for me. And if one of them declare to me I'll just be like "wtf I though we were friends and you're telling me all this time you were just testing me out" it's just gross in both way. Get the fuck out of my life if you're having weird view about me in secret have some respect. Go for the fuck or get the fuck out. The only successful relationship I had was with a girl I've met in the five first day of university. The first time we seen each other we just knew something was going to happen between us and two weeks later we were in the arms of one another. It's just that simple. You just try to match boy's comportement with your fear of choosing "the wrong one" try some stuff for once fs.
Brennan Labban (8 days ago)
Sweetz (8 days ago)
7:14 did the robot just have a voice crack?
Give me a real answer (8 days ago)
I laughed when he said treat women with respect... women have NO rights
Louis Black (8 days ago)
Step 1: have a big dick (being good in bed isn't necessary) Step 2: have lots of money Step 3: be an asshole Step 4: be stupid Step 5: tell unfunny jokes If you're nice, smart, and funny, but have a small dick and no money, you'll be alone forever...
*I'm a Playboy now. But, when I was looking for romance in Los Angeles, girls are into guys with incentives. Your own car, money, and if you can afford alcohol is always a plus to girls.* *Now with my own Women Models Promoting Firm in Burbank, I often hear how their boyfriends are their rides to my studio, so they can't make their appointments, because their boyfriends can't make it.* *I don't know if this is just a L.A. thing.* *Also to note, their boyfriends don't have careers, because they live off their parents still. So, if the boyfriend doesn't have a car, it's likely because their parents took it away* *Like I said, I'm a Playboy now. So all this is written objectively. I don't do romance and the women I am with enjoy my company, because I'm honestly not immature or full of Shit with them.* -Fun Time Abel
Giant Dad (9 days ago)
I didn't had any realationship (or sex) for 2 years. The fuck am I supposed to not be desperate?
dodsonbe360 (9 days ago)
Questions asked: who gets girls? Answer: here is the man I want Lol
Sonicloud 777 (9 days ago)
You know guys I actually seen a short guy who is like 5'5 have an above average looking wife. The guy is actually buff. I see him as a bench mark for improving myself.
Jean-Philippe Doyon (9 days ago)
Chemistry and timing...you need both...also yeah not being a dick kinda help...
Dougie (9 days ago)
by being rich and being good looking and smart come in a far 2nd and 3rd....
Real Talk (8 days ago)
Watching this told me that I'm gonna be alone all my life cuz I'm not willing to change, and that's okay, just means I chill forever
Brandon Fong (10 days ago)
I'm surrounded by dudes because I went to an all boys school, studied engineering, and then went to the army :')
Brennan Labban (8 days ago)
Fitz Hugh (10 days ago)
The “talk to girls like you talk to guys” is a terrible idea since most guys only insult and belittle each other. Better advice would be to talk to them like you’re talking to your parents
Rpgamer 05x (10 days ago)
the last one is BS, you respect only good people, trust me there a lot of women that dosent deserve shit.
Youtube Troll (10 days ago)
This video is such horse shit, nothing but platitudes from women trying to keep their orbiters in orbit instead of wising up to their games.
Youtube Troll (10 days ago)
I want a virgin, no virgins. Guess I'm unfucked for life.
Lazykid254 (10 days ago)
I think you should focus on yourself first before getting into a relationship. Having good hygiene and being healthy really helps. You’ll look and feel better
Celestial Dragon (10 days ago)
Why should guys get the girl just be yourself and dont give a damn
Talking to women like i would with the guys doesnt get me girls i can garantee that
Emmanuel Alagbala (10 days ago)
Why are the comments so negative? These are legitimately good responses
Jimmy Thornseed (10 days ago)
Bitter-ass confused incels. This advice seems only about 80% good, but that 80% still seems solid.
Zenoxs 0 (10 days ago)
A lot of these are super conflicting and gives a scewed scene of what dating really needs
Fagot Reich (10 days ago)
Next up, deer reveals best tips on how to hunt game. tip one: give them lots of food tip two: respecc the animals. tip three: just be yourself and deer will come to you.
DonaldTrumpVEVO (10 days ago)
What's the show on the thumbnail
Jamie Woods (10 days ago)
All this shit is too long, can’t be assed with all that
Robert Garcia (10 days ago)
And remember the girl chooses it's not the guy so if she says it's not my fault it kind of is it's either you're not together cuz he was an assshole which bad judge of character or you're not together cuz you're a pain in the ass
Robert Garcia (10 days ago)
Not to sound like a douche but if women were such good judges of character why are there so many single mothers in this world right now probably the highest amount in history
Robert Garcia (9 days ago)
+dc4457 that is true cuz a guy knows who's a player and who isn't But even if you as a friend tells your friend that's a girl that that dude's a player she won't believe you and just think you're jealous but that's life
dc4457 (10 days ago)
A lot of women are lousy judges of character unfortunately. They don't understand "game". They don't realize that they are being manipulated and they guy they are having fun with is stringing along two other girls. I think this is the reason boyfriends used to have to meet the father and be judged worthy before dating the daughter.
Robert Garcia (10 days ago)
+Jimmy Thornseed thanx just seeing it for what it is instead of seeing what i want to see
Jimmy Thornseed (10 days ago)
I'm usually pretty liberal when it comes to giving women the benefit of the doubt... but that is a *really* good point.
Alexander Campbell (11 days ago)
This isn't the robot voice I'm used to
gunna’s intern (11 days ago)
dating and relationships have never been my type of thing but damn am i glad i won’t ever turn into those “nice guys” type of people
TyrantKing4444 (11 days ago)
Lol, if women in this video were honest I'd be swarmed with women. But oh look, I'm not anymore. Why? They give a lotta lies, lotta bs, and I got sick of their drama. Guys if you want a girl to notice you start by mostly ignoring them. Show you are a complete person and you don't need them. Then you doing something for them will come across as more genuine. Don't bother getting in their pants. Make them ask. You are in charge. Not them. Have some self worth.
TyrantKing4444 (10 days ago)
+Tim um, congratulations? Not sure what your relationship status has to do with my comment.
Tim (11 days ago)
Found the nice Guy
DeadlyElementz Gaming (11 days ago)
Most of OPs basically described most of the men following MGTOW. So many guys that call all women Thots but at the same time expect these thots to help them lose their virginity... lmao
iksskan (3 days ago)
+Foxy don't get me wrong I am no nice guy and agree with most things here But a lot were bs as well
Foxy (11 days ago)
I thought this was a goood video. Its sad to see theyve infected the comment section.
Alessandro Fabiano (11 days ago)
So... How much money do i have to have to get dem bitches?
snatchadams69 (11 days ago)
Taking dating advice from women it's like taking shooting lessons from storm troopers
Will Rogers (11 days ago)
They don't consciously know what the line is.
jospenceusn (11 days ago)
This was pretty informative
wherethetatosat (11 days ago)
I'm not doubting them when they having female friends helps; but in my experience, having female friends and trying to get to get to know the woman you are interested in just ends up with her liking you only as a friend.
Comment Center (11 days ago)
0:39 I will never be able to figure out why men who tend to get more dates, are the ones who have a more positive outlook (sarcasm). Second half is legitimate though
Sapphireia (11 days ago)
Something I've realized works really well on me at least is if the guy is friendly the first time I meet him, and doesn't try anything with me. That way I feel safe with him. If he then flirts the next time we meet I'm much more susceptible!
Sapphireia (10 days ago)
+Israel Marques it does because one of them is a stranger flirting the other is a friend flirting. I'm more likely to be playful and flirt back if I know the person to some degree
Israel Marques (11 days ago)
That doesn't make any sense. If flirting makes you feel unsafe, by the moment he finally flirts with you, you should think "oh no, his friendliness was just an act, he is actually flirting with me, now! Not good.. not good!". The only difference between the guy who flirts first and the guy who waits is the timing, because their intentions are the very same (to have sex).. it doesn't make any sense to feel "unsafe" around one and be comfortable around the other...
Gamer007 (11 days ago)
Women say one thing and do another... I know guys that talk a womsn into ANYTHING usually in a single day. If not it is by the end of the week. Any and every woman the guys want. Yet those same woman end up with a bad relationship and complain, but say the same things this video says in terms of advice. Truth is there are people that can socialize with anyone and get people to do anything, and the nice people just cant make a move because they respect boundaries but in doing so it comes off as cold and shallow or creepy when they do because it is a new experience and forced change to try an build up a meaningful relationship... Unfortunately lack of experience for connecting and losing a relationship only exacerbates the problem they already have (lack of confidence/experience)
Israel Marques (11 days ago)
I can't believe that in 2019 dudes still fall for this "Women reveal what turns them on" type of BS. Guys, they are NEVER going to tell anything worth noting or any specific instruction to trigger their horniness, if that's what you are looking for. They will either be giving some extremely useless, generic common place advice that everyone already knows (like "be yourself, be funny, be confident, take care of your appearance"), or they will straight up LIE to your face and give you wrong advice ("be friends with girls" WTF.. every friendzoned dude in history did that lol). As it's been said, it's like asking a fish what kind of bait and hook will catch him.
Jimmy Thornseed (10 days ago)
You sound like Romeo and Fabio all mixed into one.
Matt Krueger (12 days ago)
Be flirty and/or don't say too much, right off the bat. Otherwise she won't trust her "friend" when he tells her he always liked her as more than a friend, you dishonest CREEP!
Matt Krueger (12 days ago)
Talk to the ten single moms that you see in your average day, and ask what it was about her kid's dad that made her hot.
Yukiko Asakura (12 days ago)
Mostly true & as a lesbian my now gf got me bc super confidence but without being arrogant. Even though she can be, lol.
Jimmy Thornseed (10 days ago)
Patchuiko - (12 days ago)
Women: Have female friends and go talk to woman. Also Women: Don't talk to a dude first cuz social society, also not talking to them cuz he doesn't have female friendship and doesn't want to be friend with them cuz they look "creepy". Well... thanks a lot for your logic 👏 Also btw, guys are way more friendly and open to talk than womens and maybe that why I never really talked to one while having a lot of male friends.
richardscathouse (12 days ago)
Bunch of friend zoning cunts sounds like! 👿
Snowflake Hunter (12 days ago)
"You need to be capable of being friends with girls". Well I'm fucked in that case......
Last Man Standing (13 days ago)
Honestly from a dude perspective, I'd say befriend some girls and be around them. I actually learned some things and insights from them just by watching and talking with them. I never had any romantic intrest in them either so I suppose they felt more comfortable with me. Definitely not a plan for everyone but I got some benefits out of it.
richardscathouse (12 days ago)
Friend shmend! I want a woman! Sex! If I wanted a friend id get a dog!!
John Ellis (13 days ago)
I just feel like I’m never gonna find someone for me
Gustave Ardila (13 days ago)
Don't just be a "nice guy" that's the very basic thing to be, allow differences in interests and hobbies (it could allow them to teach you something new and vice versa), keep clean and healthy (as much as possible, sadly we aren't all born beautiful and smelling of roses, but it can go a long way), go out, we live in the Internet era, surely you can figure out how an event app works and find a small group to join for a drink or something. Last tip is let women reveal their personality and interests naturally through organic convention, you're creating a connection here not performing an investigation, as they get more comfortable with you they will open up and then your relationship can deapen. There, hope this helps someone, good luck to all of you and stay safe :)
iMilond003 Gamer (15 days ago)
im 15 and i've gotten 2 girlfriends until now and im not fit or pretty at all. The only thing that we had in common was that we were both playing video games. I just know how to talk to them to make them more attracted to me.
Georgi Hadzhiev (15 days ago)
Heh, on the last point. "Treating women with respect". Aaaa yes, RESPECTING WAHMEN. Here's the deal ladies. If a guy thinks that you're "not like the other girls" then he REEEEEEEEALy likes you. Women are not angels. And no, not all women deserve respect. That shit is earned, and most women don't earn it, just like most men don't earn it. I hate most most, much like I hate most women. Most people are generally terrible, so If I like someone, they need to not be like everyone else. And yes, the majority of women are indeed bitches/whores/etc. It's not good, but it's the reality. I don't want it to be that way, but it is. Just like most men are horrible peaces of shit. It's sad but it's true. Hell, if a girl tells me that I'm "not like most guys" then that right there is a win for me.
delicate mind arts (15 days ago)
Im dead dark and depressing, if they cant roll with that well then I say let em swerve tf outta my lane
delicate mind arts (15 days ago)
Sorry but I had to cut this off when I heard "a guy who makes me laugh" anybody who tells me that I'll immediately lose interest them
Jimmy Thornseed (10 days ago)
Sounds like you ain't funny, sucka
Paul Abe (16 days ago)
Eh, but here's the thing most PEOPLE make themselves into puzzles and portray a false personality, so it is difficult to find a genuine woman to be romantically involved with, i believe it's more important to like your girl than to love her, i like my girlfriends, the women i see on the side are usually unbearable personalities outside of the bedroom which is why they don't take a higher priority
Miloš Kovačević (16 days ago)
Theory is one thing, practice is another! I can tell you some traits I look for in a girl and it sounds all nice and well but every girl I ever liked had next to none of them
Jay Bird (17 days ago)
2:40 is kinda right, like it or not.
Jay Bird (17 days ago)
I just wanna be myself. If a woman doesn't like me for me, move on. Ain't worth the trouble.
richardscathouse (12 days ago)
Jay Bird (17 days ago)
Usually men are humble about gettin rejected but we all think to ourselves, damn wish she gave me a chance. Unspoken but we do think it.
Someone somewhere (12 days ago)
So true. I asked a girl out once and she outright rejected me. I wasn't bitter or anything just a bit sad she didn't give me a chance.
Luke Strife (17 days ago)
Too many guys ignoring the good advices in the video and just acting like fucking incels in their comments
adri bedri (18 days ago)
Where is the Computer voice everyone else has?
But what if i dont want one :/.
Jarrad Molloy (18 days ago)
Not interested in having many female "friends"... In my experience, too many women have a penchant for creating drama out of thin air by over-analysing every little thing. So now it's very simple for me.... If it flies, floats or fucks... I rent it.
Randaru (18 days ago)
"How to end up friendzoned: the tutorial"
the Mage (4 days ago)
Cartman Ftw (6 days ago)
richardscathouse (12 days ago)
Charlie G (18 days ago)
Ask a guy who is successful in the field. You don’t ask the fish how to catch fish, you ask the fisherman.
Charlie G (18 days ago)
About the self care thing, I agree but I naturally have bad dry hair even though I condition and take good care of it, I have bad skin even though I have a good moisturising routine and have mildly crooked teeth because I can’t afford treatment, also have good dental hygiene. But I look as if I don’t take care of myself which is far from the truth.
Ethan S (17 days ago)
dont listen to what these people say. see how people act. it took me along time to realize that this rigged game is not worth it. the only way to win a rigged game is to cheat or to not play. if you dont feel comfortable taking advantage of people and disrespecting people dont play. oh but i might have a chance! yeah you might have a chance at marriage. might. guess what. its rigged 8 days from sunday. DONT DATE. its rigged for everybody except the riggers. if you arent comfortable with being a cheater, dont play the dating game.
someone else (18 days ago)
Because men do only hang around with women for sex. You're talking about friend zone males that rarely get some action when women are desperate, drunk, and vulnerable. No thanks. Men don't want female friends, that's obvious.
mustard roshi (19 days ago)
Holy shit this is serious
Gap (19 days ago)
My take from this is women lie, alot.
Pieter Lindeque (19 days ago)
Looks > everything. Be not deceived.
Pieter Lindeque (10 days ago)
+Emmanuel Alagbala Lol.
Emmanuel Alagbala (10 days ago)
No lmao
MrBrinxHQ (19 days ago)
Well I can't relate to any if this?
Sumkrazyguy55 (19 days ago)
Women looove serial killers and rapists. Guys who have been accused of sexual assault in my town, publically, get laid all the time. Also don't be depressed or be nueroatypical in anyway otherwise you will be alone forever so dont do that. Otherwise just have money, be attractive and be a sociopath
9homefries8 _ (18 days ago)
Where do you even live
Grim Wills (20 days ago)
The woman who said that men who talk to women like their friends doesn’t know how we talk to our friends
bilgewater boi (12 hours ago)
Me and my friends are literally wishing our future kids to die from some kind of disease and this is normal for us.
Bloodshot Red (2 days ago)
"You cant even drink without getting a hang over pussy, i'll beat you 1v1 on call of duty, my dicks bigger than yours, would you rather fuck girl a or girl b?" Yeah that woman clearly doesnt know what shes asking for.
Al Dente (8 days ago)
+Emmanuel Alagbala then she have to be prepared to be my buddy for the rest of her fucking life. I don't fuck no bro.
Paul Noecker (9 days ago)
Sup shit head, my dicks bigger than yours..... Yeah they don't want this.
Emmanuel Alagbala (10 days ago)
+Jovalin did you say "what's up cunt" the first day you met your friends? A woman isn't asking you to treat her like your buddy of 5 years. She's saying talk to her as though she's a potential buddy
Achref Hamdouni (21 days ago)
The good looking guys get the girl all that other crap is non sense never ask a fish how to be fished
Youtube Troll (10 days ago)
+Emmanuel Alagbala Im sorry you feel the need to lie to men when we see this same thing happen day in and day out non stop
Emmanuel Alagbala (10 days ago)
Wow I'm so sorry for you
Ben S (22 days ago)
Don’t wanna toot my own horn I’m pretty good at getting girls good looking ones at that, I just can’t keep them, we fuck then shit hits the fan from there idk I think i might be more one night stand material than boyfriend material it’s starting to get a bit annoying tho, I want a gf but I’m literally horrible at keeping girls around either I get bored and loose interest or they do maybe it’s the type of girls I go for or maybe it’s me I don’t know
Thomas Griffin (23 days ago)
The last one is one of the most valuable, especially if you want women that look good and have their shit together. Be the best person you can be. Don't whine that some chad has better genetics, etc than you; become a better you by working on yourself mentally and physically, and by pursuing goals that interest you. People tend to be attracted to people that have their shit together. I've had much more success in all relationships (friendships and other) when I've focused on working on myself. Like the last woman said, it's true that a woman would rather a fairly decent looking guy that actually cares for his body, his appearance, and his life pursuits, over a guy that's slightly taller and has a better face, but doesn't put in any effort.
chumpo ah (23 days ago)
Most of this advice is generic and doesnt always translate to the real world for everyone. Luckily enough it works for me but I do feel bad for those it doesnt work on. Just being nuanced about it.
Stronger er (24 days ago)
Lol most of it is bullshit
Benkenobi8118 (24 days ago)
Pretty much useless/unhelpful advice here. If she wanted a friend she's not looking for you as a boyfriend. She's generally going to decide within 10 seconds of meeting you which you fall in. Talk to women as if they were one of the guys is generally bad advice from well meaning but clueless ladies. Girl friendships are nothing like guy friendships. Communication, being able to hold a conversation is important, but girls are not guys no matter how much they may wish to be or think they should be. Female friends, never really had that come up ever. The photo advice is bad. You want your profile pictures to be of yourself.
Benkenobi8118 (24 days ago)
Some of this is good advice. The part about getting out there and 'actively making time to find someone' is very true. There are a lot of ladies out there who don't take this advice themselves, which makes this rather difficult, but if you know what you are looking for and where to find these ladies, then this helps you. So many ladies I know have never actually dated anyone because, 'they were never asked". Keep this in mind. Keep a positive attitude and the grooming thing is huge. Keep your quirks and interests, etc, is also important and one thing I'm going to put that isn't on this - engagement. Be interested, and show interest in the lady. I would also recommend 'being brave'. The braver the are, the generally luckier and happier you will be. Also, have a plan for your life is big! :) So on par probably 70 good to 30 bad.
The Thrillionaire (24 days ago)
Yeah none of that is really true.
Julius Beržinis (24 days ago)
Anyone who's not like me gets the girl.

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