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Tekashi69 - 4769 (feat. J.A.B & Dirty Sanchez) (Official Music Video)

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https://vk.com/tekashi69official https://scumgang69.bandcamp.com/track... https://soundcloud.com/scumgang69/inf... https://www.facebook.com/scumgang69 @tekashi69ny @scumbagchad @righteousp @_slickjackson @trifedrew @justinrose.phc
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Text Comments (7300)
rr rr (2 hours ago)
Ça fais du sale
Jon (4 hours ago)
3:25 ... welcome 😎
Jon (4 hours ago)
3:44 too 💀
zafir bleach (16 hours ago)
Before he sign to illuminati haha
kim Orlando (19 hours ago)
I'd like to be in this song well because you know why 😍
lucasgamer Quintana (23 hours ago)
abdo hip hop (23 hours ago)
abdo hip hop (23 hours ago)
Da'Wayne Valerio (1 day ago)
Fuck 69 he is a rat he told on shotti
Zaël Hausil (1 day ago)
Wath the fuck
Fox boy. Gg (1 day ago)
3:16. What. The. F***
Fox boy. Gg (1 day ago)
GAMER (1 day ago)
081238745668 ro (1 day ago)
suka hiburan
Yahya Mohamed (1 day ago)
2:53 can anyone tell me her name please
Unban Noticias (1 day ago)
I miss this kidd!!!
Rachel Richardson (1 day ago)
Dirty like me
Chloe Collie (1 day ago)
Kevin Palma (1 day ago)
Que asco
Miguel Cofre (1 day ago)
Bayron Wilson (1 day ago)
Subscribe if a nigga wanna be in 6ixnine body!!!😎😂🇺🇸
Crosk Eirt (1 day ago)
Like si extrañas a 6ix9ine...😔😕
Cami Austin (2 days ago)
Nathan Sookroo (2 days ago)
I love porn
KSA KSA (2 days ago)
Cristian Curry (2 days ago)
24 de mayo del 2019 alguien por aqui ???
MAIKEL XD (1 day ago)
Faveej TV (2 days ago)
Samuel Luna yessica (2 days ago)
Los. 9ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooo
twist god (3 days ago)
I used my all mobile internet to just listen this song
maribel parra (3 days ago)
Like si tegusta 6ix9nine
Dienardo Lopez (3 days ago)
Godd buena musica
John Tigner (3 days ago)
Good song
Skinny Buffalo (4 days ago)
When a 5th grader gets a “girlfriend”
Yng UtsuX (1 day ago)
Skinny Buffalo (4 days ago)
6ix9ines parts 1:52 2:49
Wayne Hennessy (4 days ago)
What a fucking clown.. surely people aren't really buying into this shit.. if they are the world is fucked.. bad music forever.. this is pure horse shit..
Rodolfo Amigo (4 days ago)
1:58 just see hahaha
Sofien Sawab (4 days ago)
Joao Aquila (4 days ago)
2 0 1. 9
Mikhail Sharmeel (4 days ago)
2:57 ..pay with like
Qué Macriado
samevrble 15 (5 days ago)
Dam this man a Petaphio 2:13
WaterAndFirePlayz (4 days ago)
fax neno
"scum like me" lmfao...
Тимур (5 days ago)
Где приобрести худи с цифрой 69
ليان العنزي (6 days ago)
وش قلت ادب
hamed hammer (6 days ago)
That gave me a peepee hardening skill now
Brandon Esquivel (6 days ago)
Dirty like me
Maw Toe (6 days ago)
I don’t like 6ix9inebi like blueface more birch
Maw Toe (6 days ago)
You a gold digger👍👎
Maw Toe (6 days ago)
Sherelle Rollins (7 days ago)
Im a fan
Pretty Cee (7 days ago)
Pretty Cee (7 days ago)
Jejeje semamo
Elias Santo (7 days ago)
Quien en el2019
لولو القيسي (8 days ago)
MICROSOFT HQ (8 days ago)
So we're they raping her oh was she paying them back and fuck them as payment bruh wtf is this trash the story is awful
Alay Ghebremichael (8 days ago)
Du är inte bra
Alay Ghebremichael (8 days ago)
Du är inte bra i vaden
OH MY GOD (8 days ago)
i think the blonde girl forgot the lines except for the moaning
slavomir jano (8 days ago)
OH MY GOD (8 days ago)
This is....shouldn't this violate youtube guidelines and rules? Like...all of them?
VerAqZ (6 days ago)
No cause this is set up to 18 plus and they are not showing anything only the ass
Que sexi es xexo
Joseph Tenezaca (8 days ago)
69 is lyfe
Lauris Xd (9 days ago)
69 is dick
Коля Сокол (9 days ago)
Йибанутий пошляк
FBI (9 days ago)
Issah Hamza (10 days ago)
Joshua Hutchinson (10 days ago)
This snich is a fucking loser
Rdizzle B (10 days ago)
You look like a chick
Gonza Bogado (10 days ago)
Isnted wta
Gustavo Santos (10 days ago)
6ix9ine 69 (11 days ago)
Tekashi BEST
zsoltika (11 days ago)
Azaz tomi
Andru Brannon (11 days ago)
Melissa Wright (11 days ago)
I caught Chlamydia whilst watching this
Shaitan8725 (6 days ago)
Bitch i bet with that mofo ugly ass face u got caught with hepatits
Janka Hindiova (8 days ago)
jantira pimalai (11 days ago)
charlie winning (11 days ago)
Complete garbage.
Hernán Castro (11 days ago)
6ixnei is Boos
Nick 's vlog (11 days ago)
What’s wrong with woman. How embarrassing to watch these pigs fucking whoring out for losers
Nany (12 days ago)
Yo si ablo español
天羽翼月 (12 days ago)
What the fuck
Rebel 2 (12 days ago)
Any dirty hoes in this mutha fucker?
CN العربية HD (12 days ago)
Kike Nava (12 days ago)
(•) (•)
Namaha Śiva (12 days ago)
And the reason he is not being de-platformed is what again? Meanwhile, they ban guys like Milo or Alex Jones...am I dreaming?
Namaha Śiva (12 days ago)
The future is grim
Dimitrios Fotopoulos (13 days ago)
That s why scums like these must go directly to the rubbish bin or die
Jeff Henderson (13 days ago)
Emily Gomez (13 days ago)
Luis Serrano (13 days ago)
Can't wait for tekashi and all these mumble rappers to raised my kids.
Mhao Yeager (13 days ago)
lost bacon (13 days ago)
I hate u sucker look him wear ducking panth
Snkrfocus (13 days ago)
Watching this after watching FEFE I can say Tekashi definitely upgraged xD
Maritza Ruiz (10 days ago)
😱😱😱🤘🤘🤘 esooopapivamos😰🙊
GUMGAMES (13 days ago)
Ghg Ggg (13 days ago)
Hi Hola (13 days ago)
Me da miedo
Alexa Navarro (14 days ago)
Erica O'Hair (14 days ago)
69 ilovegrils
decman. exe gamer (14 days ago)
Es la mejor rola

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