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"Do White Girls Like Black Guys?" - Funniest Interview 2016

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Text Comments (3693)
Damin Mance (6 hours ago)
White women always like black guys so leave them alone!!!!
Gio (1 day ago)
If my daughter love black guys i will kill her.
Daniel Budik (1 day ago)
0:03 LMFAO
Its a shame what this shit world has come to ..... I really hope it comes to an end.
Ayabulela Culo (2 days ago)
White man are soo boring I mean like they don't have that thing.Thing is they are too soft
mike198313 (2 days ago)
SoCal Surfer 88 (3 days ago)
these retards were handing them twenty bucks to say this shit off cam was there july4th
There’s a lot of white dudes in here thinking how is this possible, while trying to call their girlfriends asking if they still love them, and would never leave them for a black guy. They trying to convince themselves that they’re paid actress, and don’t wanna seem racist. 😂😂😂
Race traitors
R. S. (5 days ago)
... -.-“
Anonymus Being (8 days ago)
This comment section is toxic as heck.
The2ndUsername (9 days ago)
black male saying the term "black guys" instead of "niggas," this is extremely suspicious. Somebody is writing scripts out here.
Sheep Thief (9 days ago)
me: this video: *exists* me: Death to Israel!
isl*m g*bl*k lol (11 days ago)
hi my brother, what are you thinking? the world will lose everything. listen to the voice of Jesus you are called to him. trust him and come to him. he will raise your life. Don't continue fantasizing about this world. the time will soon arrive that Jesus will come again. get up and wake up as usual. if until that time no one knew the coming of Jesus. is it not enough that there are signs of war, crisis, and natural disasters everywhere. I hope you are not the one to admit and say to know Jesus "Matthew 7:23 At that time I will speak to them and say, I have never known you, gone from me, you evil doer!
jj (11 days ago)
what's there soros billions go
Consigliere (13 days ago)
Go to black guys is like the 4th place in an Olympic final 🤣
Consigliere (13 days ago)
These girls like to downgrade themselves. Without self respect they go from superior to mudshark. From the best to the disgusting rest
-white dude pretending to be a girl
Evelyn Byrd (15 days ago)
Blk guys really are sexy 😍
AceThunderMusic (15 days ago)
Thank you
Consigliere (15 days ago)
Evelyn Byrd 🤮
Consigliere (18 days ago)
The insecurity of black people is unbelievable
Atul Sharma (19 days ago)
Can anyone answer why we won't want to marry girls who'd fucked Black guys? I think it is just psychological fear that they can cheat us in the future too. What do you think?
Consigliere (13 days ago)
Atul Sharma behause These Girls have no Self Respekt. White Girls who downgrade themselves are disgusting and Dirty for the Rest of their Lives
Golden Euro Tv (22 days ago)
I love everyone black or white.2019 click my subscribe button Golden Euro Tv
Carole Burris (29 days ago)
It's sound like black guys are just a phase according to the video
John Smith (1 month ago)
Post the video of all the girls who said white guys you losers.
Johnny U. (8 days ago)
John Smith 4chan loser
Prettiest- P (1 month ago)
Ayee black men/boy magic . Lmao so many butthurt white boys 😭😂💀💀😂😂😂😂😂
lassseerrr yah (1 month ago)
Bunch of racist hillbillys crawling out of their caves in the comment section loll..
Khaled Mostafa (1 month ago)
I'm from egypt and i think this is just propaganda for black guys..... in my country there is no differences between black and white in all things..... talking about bbc is not real due to all scientific researches this is just porn movies affect..... don't evaluate people due to her/his race but good and kind person should respected regardless the race.
Ixvnnn __ (18 days ago)
Khaled Mostafa you do realise there’s a big difference between Egypt and USA . Two completely different countries in different sides of the world so of course it’s not going to be the same
Fenndy Flémin (1 month ago)
It’s false
Jude Eze (1 month ago)
0:04 we love black guy’s ❤️
Thiago Ocean (1 month ago)
Thats why I love racist white ladies They're the hottest 🤙😎🍺🍻
only god can judge me (1 month ago)
White guys are angry in the comment let's check it out.
JL213 (1 month ago)
I see lots of white women that prefer black guys for sure. Especially these days
Ixvnnn __ (18 days ago)
whitewomenbad aside from having a big D they also are very tall , masculine and good looking
Consigliere (1 month ago)
What you mean with „these days“.
whitewomenbad (1 month ago)
its becuase Negroids have huge 4 foot horse dicks the white men should have never let blacks in their country
X Y (2 months ago)
I hate when white people wanna touch my Afro
Wail Teach (2 months ago)
Am white boy from africa i like black culture
Graceful Blessed (2 months ago)
All the white dudes in these comments are raging. like chill your tits this isn't scientific done by scientist and also white guys would touch them because white guys are desperate
Nicholas Izzo (2 months ago)
Wow some hoes did they need to edit it so not one said white guys
Consigliere (1 month ago)
Nicholas Izzo they cut this! Also These girls get money for it. I saw it in another video
Oh yee yeah (2 months ago)
Not gonna lie, that black guy is hot
Consigliere (2 months ago)
Oh yee yeah 🤮
Rxspirity (2 months ago)
The black people are the Jews and the most high commanded y'all to keep them commandments and y'all would be blessed among the nations and he said if y'all disobeyed y'all would go into bondage and serve your enemies. What did y'all do? Y'all disobeyed so y'all went into slavery and were scattered across the nations. He also said don't go into the heathen meaning sex what did y'all do? Y'all went into the heathen. You know why Paul went to the Gentiles to preach? Because y'all rejected him and didn't wanna hear anything he was saying about the Messiah. Sad that a lot of these Jews are gonna be destroyed because you're going into these women of different nations
dytto BarbieFAN (2 months ago)
Yall like black guys because of their BBC 👎😂😂😂now they special but before they were slaves and these same white f*ck*ng people's were spitting on them . these #whitesluts gone die 😂😂😂😂
lilbabedol (2 months ago)
Black swag period! They cant deny it.
Red RX (2 months ago)
Song Master (2 months ago)
Yeah, future women poor, house full of babies, crying and all alone right here. Their "man" off doing other women.
bob smith (2 months ago)
"We only like black guy's if their dicks are 10 inches or bigger" - said every american woman. this about sums up America
Consigliere (1 month ago)
Build up on the biggest lie!
bob smith (2 months ago)
Show this video to every white father who has a daughter hahahahaha
bob smith (2 months ago)
Once you've been with a black guy, no white guy wants you.
AceThunderMusic (15 days ago)
.......no White man can satisfy you.
Consigliere (1 month ago)
whitewomenbad hahaha you insecure little boi. Your worthless life come to an end
paulbrown357 (2 months ago)
If you look at the nasty bitches in this video one of them had gap teeth they all look like they had some yeast infections goddamn making have these bitches
paulbrown357 (2 months ago)
These bitches are discusting
Samsaranian Supreme (2 months ago)
Damn alot of salt in the comments, it's not like they said they HATE white dudes, chill. Some black chicks prefer white dudes people can date whatever race they want. The fact that you're bitching in the comments shows the Incel in you.
Zeus (2 months ago)
White women understand that once you go black you finally have an orgasm.
AceThunderMusic (15 days ago)
Consigliere (1 month ago)
Zeus hahaha, joke of the day! 🤣😂😂🤣
Fire Rain (2 months ago)
Is this why white guys go for asian woman LMAO ..
옷옷 (2 days ago)
We don't want you guys
tulo fant (2 months ago)
Im Brown skin
kav6 66 (2 months ago)
Tulo, can I ask you a straight question,?. (IF SOMEONE CALLED YOU COLORED WOULD IT UPSET YOU,,?) Iam only asking you this question because a member of parliament refured to another member of parliament lady as COLORED and she got upset,?.
Vladis Corsidis (2 months ago)
Disgrace. (
abcde fghij (2 months ago)
once you go black... you get ebola and never go back
AceThunderMusic (15 days ago)
White People created AIDS and Ebola.
Ixvnnn __ (18 days ago)
abcde fghij once you go white your kids are raped
JunoBe Juno (3 months ago)
and then ryan gosling appears
Then Michael B Jordan appears
carlos father (3 months ago)
Thanks from South Africa
Luca Di rocco (3 months ago)
hahaha, the most fake video I've ever seen, who knows how many those girls have paid
Consigliere (2 months ago)
Eyaz Music (3 months ago)
Black chocolate
krisna mulyadi (3 months ago)
white westerns dude love cuckold and violence
Isco Raxes (3 months ago)
This is what happens when white men for centuries calling themselves superior and not letting womens have rights amd ignore them they just run to black men.
Nina Bintu (3 months ago)
Crazy girls 😳😳😳
Consigliere (2 months ago)
Nina Bintu girls? Scum bitches
William SIms (3 months ago)
This is all fake, of course they'd say yes to him. A white asks and they will all say no or not really. White women RARELY date black men and a lot of them do out of desperation or extreme convenience or to get back at dad or if they've been sexually abused in the past while younger and now have an abnormal appetite for sex...sorry. Howeve, there are some that just don't care about race and genuinely do, but they're rare.
Ixvnnn __ (18 days ago)
William SIms they did a similar video in the UK asking girls if they prefer black or white guys and they all said black & most of the time they say black anyways
Danny Philip (3 months ago)
3:43 white guy killed me 😂😂😂
I love black
Bumpy Rodriguez (3 months ago)
You white men must be so proud of your white women... smh they are fucking [email protected]@
ndefined u (3 months ago)
Its a power of media
Mike Willis (3 months ago)
obama generation
mufasa hunter (3 months ago)
Why does everybody think there is race mixing propaganda. People say Jews want one American race cause it will be easier to control but to control people your supposed to make them fight not be united. And most shows add interracial usually do it for good attention or. And there’s nothing wrong with interracial. And if you say you want to preserve European culture. Well in America most blac people act and practice the same things as other Americans. And ghetto black people usually don’t get with non ghetto people so don’t expect there to be a bunch of ghetto mixed babies, you’ll only see that in Nebraska where ghetto withes and ghetto blacks have babies. We are already united. The way you look wont make it easier to control you. And if there is one big race people will still form groups. A lot of whit people look at race as some type of other species when it is just genes. And your skin color isn’t even determined by that many genes.
mufasa hunter (2 months ago)
DJ NL3 ??? So you want to give me your trash. Why not give me vbucks since it’s almost my birthday. Your idea is pretty weird
henkarars (3 months ago)
white girls dont like any guys outside their race.. thats pretty much anywhere u can se
scott black (3 months ago)
White girls get with black guys, then need to get with white guys to raise their half breed kids
Marius Rundhovde (3 months ago)
the white race will go instinct. in the future there will only be black people, asians and lightskins. Thank you white woman for killing ur own race
str8 '88 (3 months ago)
As a black man if I were to date a white woman, these definitely wouldn't be the type. It's cool to have fun but I can't respect somebody that don't respect themselves#decencydoesnthaveacolorinmybook
Ultimate 1 (3 months ago)
Genius white girls.
Traitor sluts..we need to show these whores where they belong..the jews must be proud
AceThunderMusic (15 days ago)
I'm Black. We're the real Jews.
tupac (3 months ago)
white men are jealous, racist, devils. always will be. truth hurts. racism equals jealousy.
tupac (3 months ago)
white men are jealous, racist, devils. always will be. truth hurts. racism equals jealousy.
karim hari (3 months ago)
Staged !!!!
AceThunderMusic (15 days ago)
Habibur Rahman (3 months ago)
Jim crowe wouldnt be happy to see this video if he was alive
Amadou Barry (3 months ago)
Okay we love white guys too😍👌
DVenoOom (3 months ago)
I lil bit cringy
Claushawn Pennerman (3 months ago)
It's cool if us as black men found a white women that really likes us for who we are and treat us with respect and not overly sexually objectify us.But brothers I'll tell you this we can't let white women or other races of women use us as sexual caracutures it's degrading and dehumanizing.Respect yourself my brothers.
Mickonthebong (4 months ago)
As a black guy I figure I get white girls much easier than white guys and everyone knows white guys have the real hots for oriental girls.
Ryk Son (4 months ago)
I see some o my future baby mamas.. and no ho i wont be on no judge judy child support bullshit . Take care of yo kid !!
Higinio Mendoza (4 months ago)
AceThunderMusic (15 days ago)
It turns White people red
Christopher Mallett (4 months ago)
Not a single one of these girls said anything that wasn't to do with sex or sexually driven. I don't know who to feel sorry for most.
AceThunderMusic (15 days ago)
Swag means sex?
Rezene Ftwi (4 months ago)
Stupid black men believe that shit what they said and that make me sad
Ixvnnn __ (18 days ago)
Rezene Ftwi damn you’re that insecure 😅
MIDNIMO TUBE (4 months ago)
13 inch 😅
Hanif Martin (4 months ago)
They love BBC they don't love you
AceThunderMusic (15 days ago)
Compton is mah city (4 months ago)
The question should be "would you like to stay broke for the best of your life.
Sami Mengdteab (4 months ago)
She has no clue what Is 13 inches look like 😂
AceThunderMusic (15 days ago)
I'll show her
Kaustubha Waghmode (4 months ago)
Black guys on the fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
wize logic (4 months ago)
White girls will £uck anyone facts
Goesd (4 months ago)
Just lmao at the state of western women
Insta Vids (4 months ago)
So much hate in the comments like damn...
Joey Doherty (2 months ago)
Insta Vids Yeah I don’t. Black women are better.
Insta Vids (4 months ago)
Who cares if they like black guys or not
DAMON BRAMEL (4 months ago)
Mavrck2711 (4 months ago)
Nuke california
Lucas Irnaten (4 months ago)
as a North African white who studied in Germany about these things, I’m telling you guys the ratio of stupidity is the Highest in America between the 20 powerful countries in the world so don’t be shocked these girls don’t realize what they saying they just over look porn and they follow the Jewish project to mix everything to get into a single race less harder to control
Lucas Irnaten (4 months ago)
I’m trying to see the cuteness of black men but sorry with the big nose and bad smile I couldn’t ...now I understand why 80 % of white menin America turn to Asians and Hispanics women
AceThunderMusic (15 days ago)
Because white women jack off to Black NFL players.
Dredd King (4 months ago)
white women are awful. I'm done with them
1994ever (4 months ago)
This video makes the black boys very happy lol 😆😆 guys enjoy this video .
Danny Enfield (4 months ago)
C'mon, it's fake video!!!!!! Take it easy, it's just stupid propaganda

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