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Green Day induction ceremony @ Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame | Русские субтитры InDub

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Text Comments (630)
cliff L (9 hours ago)
Ya guy are greats of all time 👕🌞🦅
Mark Baui (14 hours ago)
Its about time to honor such great musicians!
itsjrose S (1 day ago)
i am from Cleveland blessed to be able to see the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame
jason longsden (1 day ago)
the SeX PisTOls never turned up for their induction to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame ……. that's what real punks do.
das.sawdust (2 days ago)
It was 1993 in a bench right outside of out high school where I let my friends listen to Dookie. Of course, they liked but went on laughing at me when I told them these guys will be in RnRHoF someday.
No U (3 hours ago)
das.sawdust dookie came out in 94
RedT (2 days ago)
Sorry but there are better bands that still aren't in. Green Day doesn't deserve this.
Neeschal Nepal (2 days ago)
Good Punk’s as always been And Speech way more cool to bring down tears .Love you Green Day.
AM W (4 days ago)
Unbelievable, these fucktards are in the RRHF and Grand Funk Railroad isnt...???!!!!!
Hjalmar Mølmann (4 days ago)
which concert are they playing at 1:31
anyone know what the title song between 1:45 - 1:51 -ish? im looking for it :”
emma c. (20 hours ago)
Larry Becker Jr (4 days ago)
When they first hit mainstream they were called sellouts by the punk fans..I am so glad they did,because they shared all these great songs,and performances..
Aaron Mann (5 days ago)
When people ask which pop-punk band is better, respond with the question, "which one is in the rock and roll hall of fame again?"
g man tramp (3 days ago)
Ramones. There's your answer
Tuomo Roiha (6 days ago)
WTF, playback?
Aleks Zermeno (6 days ago)
I am one of those melodramatic fools, neurotic to the bones who still and will listen Green Day 'till the day i die....
Luna (6 days ago)
God’s favorite band
Bob Cannell (7 days ago)
Likely the best HOF induction performance ever. Still playing at VERY high level.
Ridd Ryan (7 days ago)
They're such cool guys playing modern punk rock on 1996 in Jakarta and i was so lucky to be there witness the whole things..! You guys amazing!!!
The Greenman (8 days ago)
Whose idea was it to sing with a fake British accent? Fucking poseurs. Can't believe they weren't called out on that shit - yet somehow they make it to the RRHOF. Just goes to show what a joke the Hall is.
The Greenman (4 days ago)
+Carpe Diem Wow, really? You're an idiot 😂😂😂
Carpe Diem (5 days ago)
They dont sing with a British accent you mong
hinge berr (8 days ago)
Just a pity you didn't back up your words about coming back to Glasgow as soon as you could after your gig was cancelled cos it was raining! Of course it was fucking raining, its Scotland!! I was lucky I'm only half an hour from Glasgow but hundreds of people from Europe had travelled n booked hotel rooms, they lost hundreds of pounds, I know a guy who was working on the tent rigging n he said that 4 days before the gig, they were told this was not going to happen, yet the amateur fucks let people down with 40 minutes til gates open!! Very poor and amateurish, Billy Jo, you've got a lot of grovelling to do if you come back to Glasgow mate!
Mr.Mister (9 days ago)
When people ask me who inspired me to learn the bass and I tell them it was Mike Dirnt... they always look at me funny and ask ....."Who?" I proudly reply "MIKE FUCKING DIRNT"
Leedy (9 days ago)
who is the fourth guy
Dan Cayer (7 days ago)
Leedy Jason white he’s the touring guitarist to help Billie
John Akritidis (9 days ago)
Can anyone shed some truth if Green Day performed at a hotel in Daytona Beach during the '94 March Break?
Tom Faron (9 days ago)
"I don't wanna play 3 chord punk forever" but he still is...
Mike Amira (10 days ago)
One of few bands that sounds great always
Mike Amira (3 days ago)
+g man tramp hmmm I must check out for myself
g man tramp (3 days ago)
Have you heard his band the Cover Ups? They're Crap...
nawfal effendi (9 days ago)
Aman Aoyuh (10 days ago)
My friends tell me if they hear GD music, it reminded them of me, because I was a crazy fan of greenday in my teens... Really like them.
Tyler Yong (10 days ago)
Damn that’s it alr
Jacky (10 days ago)
that speech is the greatest thing fall out boy has ever written
Steve (11 days ago)
Used to be a big fan of them until Warning came out and everything since then has been kinda shit with their rock star bullshit and makeup, their musics kinda tame these days when they can be bothered to put anything out, too rich now lol.
Lane Jones (11 days ago)
They have no business here.i mean the halls a gimmic in the first place,but they really have no business here.
Greg Bannana (10 days ago)
[Nobody Liked That]
d d (11 days ago)
I really really really hate this band. They are to punk music as Kenny G is to jazz, as Toby Keith is to country music and as Nickleback is to rock and roll.
louis webb (9 days ago)
why are you even angry. let people enjoy music and have opinions n such :)
kram kram (12 days ago)
3 piece band is always a legends
Matthew Coolness (12 days ago)
Mikes mom died from a heroin overdose when he was a kid.
LittleBidiBear (13 days ago)
UGHHG fall out boy telling us what is punk rock? no thanks
g berry (13 days ago)
OMG with the fuckin cliches!! "I wanna apologize for the hotel rooms". Are you kidding me?? Yeah that's real punk rock, we're so bad ass. How the fuck are these assholes inducted before stooges, the wire, the wipers, BLACK FLAG?? I'm convinced the R&R Hall of Fame is a fuckin joke
g berry (13 days ago)
g berry (13 days ago)
Get the fuck outta here, you fraudulent poser dickheads fuck you fall out boy and fuck you Green Day
Nevik Cam (13 days ago)
That was kick ass and righteous
Andy (14 days ago)
Billy Joe never, _ever_ ages. He's as timeless as the band's music.
Andy Salter (14 days ago)
These guys get in to the rock and roll hall of fame but Iron maiden are still not in !!! Insane !! The rock hall is a joke
Jay G (11 days ago)
Andy Salter is it the same as the Walk of fame where you have to pay?
Jonathan Fernandez (14 days ago)
(Enema era) Blink 182 > Green Day
Joe Anthony (14 days ago)
Miley Cyrus big ass chin at the end of the vid lol
10:30 did... did Mike just reference ren and stimpy in an acceptance speech?
Bond007sam (15 days ago)
Still not the best punk band......
n i g h t l i f e (15 days ago)
My god Billie looks fucking stoned
n i g h t l i f e (15 days ago)
It’s weird hearing tre being serious. I keep thinking there’s gonna be a joke
PenguinWolf 88 (15 days ago)
No dis but how on earth are GD inducted before Motorhead. In fact how are they inducted the RARHOF IS A JOKE!! I mean come on BON JOVI!!! Bands should only be inducted if they can actually release a Greatest hits album of at least 20 songs IMO!
PenguinWolf 88 (15 days ago)
I have no problem with DL but they are not a legendary Greatest Hits producing band.It says it all when all there songs they performed were off 1/2 albums and they have been going close to 40years.
Ben Parsons (15 days ago)
+PenguinWolf 88 the Rock Hall of Fame doesn't really mean anything anymore. At least Leppard got inducted
PenguinWolf 88 (15 days ago)
+Ben Parsons I know it's a disgrace. The RARHOF means nothing. Soon as the bands have been 25years there inducted. Bon Jovi may sell out arenas but that don't mean they should be inducted along Led Zeppelin 😂 and as for Green Day 😂 Bands like RHCP I get they have there own unique style yes you can say Green Day do but they are no way a legendary band. I swear down it won't be long before you have the Spice Girls and One Direction being inducted by Steps and Westlife!
Ben Parsons (15 days ago)
+PenguinWolf 88 songs
PenguinWolf 88 (15 days ago)
+Ben Parsons Do you mean albums or actual songs?
Kieran Quinn (15 days ago)
mike dirnt looking like a GD snack
Roi De Janeiro (15 days ago)
There was green day before blackpink!
J100000 Penguin (16 days ago)
I've been a Green day fan for a few years and Im not even a teen yet. Any age anyone Green day will reach out to you. RESPECT
James Zgorzelski (16 days ago)
Sorry, but Donald Trump is the closest thing to punk rock in modern culture. You missed the mark on that boys
Ulric Kennedy (16 days ago)
Green Day being inducted shows just how shit this Museum really is. Since when has Green Day been true Punk Rock? Punk is rebellious...every true punk band hates Green Day. Black Flag? Dead Kennedys? MC5?...nah lets induct Green Day with their eye liner. The least punk band iv'e ever seen, and they get inducted because they made scene kids cry with their depressing music in 2004...
Dwinkleblumbs (16 days ago)
no sleeves are powerful enough to contain mike dirnt
music rules (17 days ago)
Billie Joe is my idol, and Green Day is what got me started playing guitar. Thank you Green Day. DAMN IT GET BACK TOGETHER ALREADY! Love you guys.
Martin Beaudoin (17 days ago)
Tre Cool looks a lot like Harvey Spector...
Jake Mackie (17 days ago)
Mikey D (18 days ago)
Tre giving a shoutout to Green Day’s original drummer, much respect!
Mikey D (18 days ago)
growing up in Detroit I was into hip hop/rap and RnB in my youth... Green Day’s dookie grabbed a hold of me and I never looked back! They may no longer be my fav band, but they started it all!! Opening the door for me into the punk scene... thank you!!
TheFokker03 (18 days ago)
how the fu*k did this lot of wasters get in?it true what John Lydon says,the music industry is crap!
John Michael (18 days ago)
Only Tre had thank John Kiffmeyer. How could Billie and Mike didn't honor their former bandmate?
Kwame kwame (18 days ago)
Sum 41 should have inducted this band
rtzu bfhj (18 days ago)
CSorglos (18 days ago)
is it just me or is Tré slowing down during "When I come around"?
JUST ADMIT YOU'RE SHIT (18 days ago)
Overrated pile of shit band...... Others deserved it more.
Brian Frumps (19 days ago)
Seen them on the insomniac tour at the n.falls convention center w the riverdaled
miguelitosanchez (19 days ago)
Why the hell is Fall Out Boy announcing the induction of Green Day into the HOF?!
g berry (13 days ago)
Because this is a fuckin joke.
Bryan Brand (19 days ago)
Why isn’t the tragically hip in the hall of fame
Cade Vandare (19 days ago)
It cracks me up that people got so butt hurt when they were inducted lol. ROCK ON GREEN DAY!!!
joe jimy (20 days ago)
Ok!So GD is in the RnR hall of fame,so next step is britney and maybe JLO...?Lemmy is rolling in his grave now!!!!
Evan Dunn (20 days ago)
Lame. Totally watered down. Why did they use the other musicians? Weren’t the 3 of them the ones that were inducted???
Good Loss (20 days ago)
when they started playing basket case, i cried.
JJ O'Connell (20 days ago)
Mike Dirnt and Pete Wentz in the same room pisses me off
Jonas Hopson (20 days ago)
Great band ... but I think they’re to young for the Hall of Fame .. they will be playing for many more years
Jonas Hopson (19 days ago)
But still they could play for years to come
Paul Vinsick (19 days ago)
They've been around nearly 30 years
Treepong Sapa official (21 days ago)
Eternal Star 2401 (21 days ago)
11:35 "I'm lost for words" lol Redundant reference
I like how he recites most of the lyrics himself because he knows this wasn’t where his hardcore singalong fans were at. I see you, Billie. 👀
Troy Miller (21 days ago)
what a sham
SuperBuzz71 (21 days ago)
WHY THE FUCK IS GREEN DAY IN THE BULLSHIT ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME???? Oh yeah I forgot, they made people millionaires. What a fucking joke. Where is FALL OUT BOY today?? Who cares. R&R HOF is a joke. How does Fall out Boy get to define "punk rock". If you don't think that is stupid than you don't get it. "well thank you fall out boy". Give me a break. They name check Kool and the Gang but can't seem to remember to mention even The Raplacements or The Ramones which proves they are clueless corporate tools. I heard them first way before they broke and thought, yeah, average punk. Guess I didn't appreciate the mediocrity at the time. R&R HOF is a TV show run by Rolling Stone magazine. FACT. You know why Bowie is not in? Cuz he said HOF AIN'T ROCK AND ROLL. But corporate tv show producing Rolling Stone plays you every year to pretend it means something. Fuck it. If you think HOF is valid you must be a mark or from shit hole cleveland.
Ampleforth James (21 days ago)
What a shitty band!
James Hatfield (21 days ago)
What a joke, who's next... Boyzone and Britney Spears..??
Jess Uligan (21 days ago)
Maybe you.
davidofpiano423 (21 days ago)
Can't believe these are the same guys I saw at Gilman almost 30 years ago.
davidofpiano423 (17 days ago)
cjstroked Smelly lol But fantastic. I was only 13 and I remember getting knocked around in the pit and cigarette ash flicked in my face. It was fucking loud, too. Gilman was tiny so it could get deafening in there. Saw so many amazing bands back then.
cjstroked (19 days ago)
Lucky man you are...what was it like?
Melissa (21 days ago)
How in the Hell did Green Day get inducted in the RnR Hall of Fame they Suck !!
thebarrochannel (21 days ago)
No surprise that Tim becomes the thumbnail in the video for Green Day’s induction. Being OpIvy guilty for creating Green Day.
thebarrochannel (21 days ago)
No surprise that Tim becomes the thumbnail in the video for Green Day’s induction. Being OpIvy guilty for creating Green Day.
Dan T (22 days ago)
100 years from now, greenday will be a question mark. Get over yourselves greenday. Your music sucks and always will.
Samantha Rivera (22 days ago)
Coffee Lover (22 days ago)
They let the drummer speak first. Never been done before, right. Just says what the band is about. So smart. And the best decision ever.
Brian Hay (22 days ago)
Arnt the BEERLORDS from Sacramento in the rock nroll hall of fame????
Nick Freeman (10 days ago)
Christopher Santos (22 days ago)
the only band to sound identical as the album when they play live
Joshua Everett (6 days ago)
Christopher Santos Dave Matthews band sounds better than the albums live
Josh Molinari (9 days ago)
Not the only one, there’s U2, Linkin Park( before Chesters passing), Soundgarden, Journey, Smashing Pumpkins(2018), and more
soaringbullet (15 days ago)
No, there are a fuck ton of bands that do
The SickNeeds (22 days ago)
Welcome to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame....it means your either dead, retired or outdated.
Bitarag Karki (2 days ago)
No MF it mean u r legend immortal. U go and listen justin bieber songs
An Empty Cup (21 days ago)
You're* a dumbass.
Jeff Patton (22 days ago)
I'm sorry folks !!! But wtf is green day doing in the R&R hall of FAME..there's a lot of bands who should have been here long before these guys ...up the IRONS!!!
Stvn Hndrx (22 days ago)
jason mraz on the piano ! :D
James Cornwell (22 days ago)
Plagiarism at it's finest. What the hell, were Americans. Lets reward them.
Matt Polzkill (22 days ago)
+James Cornwell Go, and sin no more.
James Cornwell (22 days ago)
+Matt Polzkill I love You! Thank You!
Matt Polzkill (22 days ago)
*its, we're and let's This is starting to creep me out how people are getting everything perfectly backwards, haha.
Fuji Adriza (23 days ago)
I've listened to Green Day's since I was in middle school almost two decades ago. This video brings back distant memories of friends and of the city in which I was raised. It put tears in my eyes seeing they are still going strong!
Adam (23 days ago)
Well deserved. Rap does not belong in the rock and roll hall of fame.
bro strummer (23 days ago)
Green day was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame before the Cure. Let that sink in....
Carl Marks (23 days ago)
Punk rock, my arse.
Stark Heart (23 days ago)
When Green Day wins, WE ALL WIN!
vince bieneteuolo (23 days ago)
Seeing Tim there, makes all the best :)
alwaysengines (23 days ago)
This induction should've never happened.
Andersen Bjorn (24 days ago)
They're not really punk.

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