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Asked hot girls which guys do they prefer,BLACK OR WHITE? watch to see what they said Subscribe to Justin https://goo.gl/5BfDnL Justin Insta https://www.instagram.com/chanceport_/ Justin Snap @chanceport ● Sell & Buy Safe FIFA coins: https://goo.gl/s5IS7f. Use 'Mom' for a big discount ! —————————| BE ACTIVE FOR A FOLLOW |------------------- ●My Snapchat - MomoSantos ● My Twitter https://twitter.com/MomoFromTogo ●My Instagram http://instagram.com/momoiziofficial/ —————————| OTHER DOPE VIDEOS |————————— ►PROOF THAT IM BETTER THAN RONALDO AT PENALTIES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ti3iKa0imKQ ► OMG FIFA 19 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OqTw3phkuE ►NEW SONG MBAPPE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99pF8NBDTnI ► $1 vs $100 FOOTBALL BOOTS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1dYImaDBg0 ———————————————| OTHER |——————————————— ●BUSINESS ENQUIRIES: [email protected] **** Check my last video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99pF8NBDTnI By Momo .. also known as MomoFifaHD
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Text Comments (1652)
MOMO FIFAHD (5 months ago)
2000 LIKES FOR THE NEXT PUBLIC INTERVIEW GUYS... ALSO LET ME KNOW WHAT TO DO IN PUBLIC NEXT :) —————————| BE ACTIVE FOR A FOLLOW |------------------- ●My Snapchat - MomoSantos ● My Twitter https://twitter.com/MomoFromTogo ●My Instagram http://instagram.com/momoiziofficial/
beautyfull Gramavaasi (28 days ago)
Looks like hardik pandya
Larissa Nnanga (3 months ago)
Just the way he talks, I could tell he speaks French
Cam Bkuttin (3 months ago)
MOMO swallow or spit
Abdirizak Osman (4 months ago)
The music clip at the end of your video was the best ending to a video I've seen this far.
zadose (17 hours ago)
They're gonna say black because they don't wanna be called racist.
Melaney Bone (1 day ago)
Im black guy ,i like white girl
DeepaK Singh JAT (2 days ago)
The hate is a natural thing !
KT (2 days ago)
People constantly talk about how black guys like white women but the BW in this video love white people.. Biracial love at its finest lol
GenocideVirus (4 days ago)
Common MOMO FIRADH. How are you going to present ideas and then delete all the comments that are least convenient for you? Seems a bit dogmatic to me bro. Like last time. Fuck this nigga and his dick video. We all know size only matters when you’re tiny or gigantic. Neither female or male wants. Way to create racial superiority with something as superficial and hollow as your dick bitch.
toneman335 (4 days ago)
these two interviewer guys have the maturity and mentality of a 10 year old....pathetic
LMAFO LMAFO (6 days ago)
I would pick Mexican or black girls
Jojo kebed (6 days ago)
Did he say lightskins are probably white. Is he stupid
Josh Diaz (6 days ago)
All da girls like da BBC
Andy #Hakz (8 days ago)
I have to say something important because we live in a place full of lies. The white always wins because the white color and blond is a key of beautyness, black is also a color but if I compared between White and Black, the White wins because it is brighting and I think no one loves the black. All love the brighting skin. All of them who said Black are lying, they are scared of being racist between their friends, if u see that those people who talking alone said White because no one can blame them. White always win people this is truth
иээтへ (2 days ago)
white girls often date black guys because they seem more alpha, and they are also more funny. white guys are often more feminine...
Hayy Papi (12 days ago)
Damm why do white girls always date black only is because of his big cock
The Ancients Knew (14 days ago)
White women and black men together is bestiality.
The Game (17 days ago)
Okey saying that black guys have bigger dick is retarded couse we also have big dicks god dam so its retarded btw
Albin Mj (19 days ago)
I don't' choose colour, I choose looks
cathy Salgado (19 days ago)
I feel sorry for you black guys wasting your time ....instead of educating yourselves and going to work like the white guys do. Wasting your precious time , thinking of sex and white women , morning noon and night. WHAT A LIFE!!!
Levayda Fuqua (20 days ago)
I’m on the white team
First Name Last Name (25 days ago)
I'm a white man who has been with women of all races, and... no difference. Some women were cool, some weren't, but race has nothing to do character. Any guy can be a jerk, any woman can be a bitch, it all comes down to personality and beliefs.
isla Wood (25 days ago)
727 my own people lololololololol
Dylan Butler (26 days ago)
Lmfaooo take the white girls we have evolved to latinas😉
Margaree Jones (26 days ago)
Cute black guy
I prefer white guys 😍
WHD (13 days ago)
I like black girls :)
Sudhanshu Tiwari (25 days ago)
What about INDIANs because Indian are all types black mostly brown fair white pale am fair white😅
sub2evelotpvp ! (29 days ago)
Girls edition but there were boys
javedk chhatra (1 month ago)
Who wants big cock grils m black and big to pls hit a like to accept
Megan Hicks (1 month ago)
Im mixed so I prefer white guys
gabrielle buffington (1 month ago)
All man and woman are gold diggers Me tooo.
Žan Gjuveleg (1 month ago)
WTF comment is that: "I prefer blacks because i want to preserve my culture and language". Blacks and whites live all over the world, speak so many different languages and every country has a different culture. I prefer Sanaa Lathan :D
spiderman omar (1 month ago)
White more nice but all girl like black
Tinashe Sigauke (1 month ago)
why many girls prefer black guys
conor mctapper (1 month ago)
Black or white, i love money🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑.
PRINĆE x (1 month ago)
What’s the soundtrack in the background?
To What's Amazing (1 month ago)
Asap rocky - praise the Lord
arshdeep singh (1 month ago)
Lit guys in streets tdy😈😈
Kevion Williams (1 month ago)
Mexicans are with black ppl not caucasians
Jrdy Kevin Nero (1 month ago)
Hot girls edition ??😂
Jamesclarkson (1 month ago)
This is really lol, lack of knowledge makes people really funny, or even very stupid, lol, for example, I do not look black on the outside, but inside I am like a black man, because genetics, my rod is well what woman say is no different then a black dude that is well hung this is all the woman I have been with that had been with a black guy in their past of their relationship, people are really …… …… lol don't need to finish the rest of the sayings not even going to say where I am from lol
Punjab Virk (1 month ago)
White 😅😀😀😂😂
Gearless Joe (1 month ago)
1:57 he says his mix and the first thing you see is a 🌵🇮🇹 .
Gearless Joe (21 days ago)
+Miguel Huerta if they talking about their culture on a what does girls prefer more blacks or white video that dosent maked any scents .
Miguel Huerta (21 days ago)
+Gearless Joe what if they're talking about their culture?
Gearless Joe (21 days ago)
+Miguel Huerta ik that, what i say is that they say to keep the culture alive when they not even black
Miguel Huerta (22 days ago)
+Gearless Joe mexicans are mixed
Gearless Joe (22 days ago)
+Miguel Huerta couldn't find the mexican flag
TTV_Loxris (1 month ago)
*When you are a mix raced guy in the comments*
LatinaQueen Tabitha (1 month ago)
I like all kinds of guys what matters is if they have 1.muscles 2.are Sweet 3.Big D... 4.the way they look 5.The hair 6.Dress nice... But i mostly like Latin/Mexican ,Indian,Asian,and Mixed guys or light skins Lol😂😂😂
Gearless Joe (1 month ago)
Do u like aliens as well 🐸🐸
Avi gurung (1 month ago)
Asian or Nepalese or Black or White which do you prefer Comment here👇👇
S. (1 month ago)
I would choose the one who has a better personality
TheDigitalKing82 (1 month ago)
Alisa Mahmood (1 month ago)
Justin : what about you momo ? Momo: Asians Justin : no Black or white Momo: ASIANS 😂😂😂
Finn (1 month ago)
They (all non black girls) prefer white guys. At least that’s how it is at my university and state. I wish the bitches in these videos were honest. Also, Texas has a lot of ugly people!
on the way (1 month ago)
Nepali food name is momo!!! haha dude try it bro
Billy Okode (1 month ago)
Why ask a guy!🇰🇪
Vex Racing (1 month ago)
They saying they prefer black guys when most of them probably only dated white guys
Travie Knight (1 month ago)
Nice 👀
Dave Aaron (1 month ago)
Depends with One's Attraction... I love Hulf Black & White Fat Ladies 😘
Consigliere (1 month ago)
Absolute and only white men! All others are disgusting
nappy but happy (1 month ago)
Cool. Why are using Carrie June photo?
Lee Braddock (1 month ago)
I definitely DO NOT want to live, visit, or even be around any area that this video filmed in.. the facts should be introduced first, 1 out of 3 black males have a STD, if you take all those that have STD'S and make a group, 1 out of 7 have full blown AIDS, SO PLAY ALL THE RUSSIAN ROULETTE YOU WANT FOR THAT BLACK SLONG! By the way, these are all 100% facts, look them up for yourself, it's called Brothers killing Brothers
Vinzz Shawn (1 month ago)
White Guy Lose Hahahaha
Aggelos Kritikos (27 days ago)
Vinzz Shawn it was a tie ur ed kid
Elsa L3!u! (1 month ago)
White of course
Marshal Gonnakillme (1 month ago)
Hey sup MOMo bro when did you quit fifa and pes and why did you end up this way?
blase blaze (1 month ago)
anyone know the rapper in the gif lol
toneman335 (1 month ago)
A white female that get involved with a black guy will get abused and bruised, impregnated, and ultimately alone. If that is what you think of yourself and deserve then go for it.
victor xyz123_xyz456 (1 month ago)
Yo ! You dumbness is on a whole different level
Nicholas Norwood (1 month ago)
You are the type of person who should be executed
research is what we do (1 month ago)
Mexican people love whites men they hate being brown or dark brown they be trying to get rid of that shit
research is what we do (1 month ago)
Black woman are incompition with everyone even there own men she didn't pick white because that's what she liked she picked white because she said I see black guys with white girls
Natasha Kings (1 month ago)
Tbh I really don't care what race the person is as long as we're vibing
angel spike (1 month ago)
i m white and believe me something is wrong when other races of women always show a preference for their own men except white women i guess it would take a lot more rapes and murders by these "they got swagg and they re cute" races of men for them to figure out that they ll be replaced by latinas and asian women as the new first ladies of the white community
Consigliere (1 month ago)
angel spike not true. Fake news Spike!
angel spike (1 month ago)
white women the least loyal race of women known in history
Kaiya Mason (1 month ago)
Why the hell he look like Dc young fly😂😂😂😂I love it😂😂😂😂😂😂
mbeing forgwei (1 month ago)
Are you Cameroonian?
kingmilk 242 (1 month ago)
that look like dildo
Mark Wiley (1 month ago)
This man Justin forgot to say “when it comes to relationships” every time lmao these girls are probably like why tf is he asking me if I prefer blacks or whites 😂
Jedi Exile (1 month ago)
I’d go out with Justin :) lol
Kris Brown (1 month ago)
The gay black dude picked white lol because that maybe what goes after him. Its alot of gay black dude out. But not like the white folks
SUPER STARVINES (1 month ago)
whites or blates
SUPER STARVINES (1 month ago)
They always say black or wat
SJW Patrol (1 month ago)
Maybe you shouldn't of picked a tooth pick of a white guy lol
James Miranda (1 month ago)
Why? The black guy's a toothpick, too. Racist ass shit up in here.
androssteague (1 month ago)
I ain't tryna dump on MOMO but half of his votes were just girls who were afraid to vote white out of fear they might appear racist on camera for the world to see. The other half was just obvious. I mean are you seriously gonna ask the black girl with the black boyfriend if she prefers white or black? Or the 45 year old white mother with her white daughter she prefers white Or black? What do you think they're going to say?
Bruno Elvis Lawski (1 month ago)
I feel at some point the questioning was a bit dump dump, in a white dominated society, who she dated the most is likely to be white than black, come to Africa and ask the same question and the answer is definitely black. Knowledge will kill me one day LoL
Willy Nino (1 month ago)
You should do Hispanic white black man come on please
King Judah (1 month ago)
Mexicans are noting like white people
Billy Goat Brady (1 month ago)
When ice jj fish came on I fucking died😂😂😂😂I'm crying 😭😭
Zakaria Muhumed (1 month ago)
Are we not gonna discuss the fact that Justin made a 5-0 comback!!!!
Anderson Echodike (1 month ago)
Im a black dude. Buh I love me some white gurls... Dey bae 😍
Zeus (28 days ago)
Anderson Echodike True
Mcfch (1 month ago)
Anderson Echodike ooga booga where da whyte wimmin at
Consigliere (1 month ago)
Shelz Active (1 month ago)
Your done out
Inoke Rogoyawa (1 month ago)
Anderson Echodike 😂😂😂
Code Blue (1 month ago)
William Mullen (1 month ago)
Black equals welfare and fatherless children yeah on your choice
Jen Baltasar (1 month ago)
According to gov statistics least likely to end in divorce are white(m) with black(f) while the highest in divorce are black(m) with white(f)
Samantha Batt (1 month ago)
“It’s more exotic, right?!” Lol dude that kid is crazy for that
govind rawat (1 month ago)
Samantha Batt hi
Ahmed Dogheem (1 month ago)
They like black bcz black are slaves will do any thing girl want👌
Alt-ered Beast (2 months ago)
Every 1 of these bitches wanted to answer white but they didn't want to be deemed racist. U know it and so did I!
Methuselah (2 months ago)
So they prefer BBC for fun and no strings attached.... That's why..
christian ack (2 months ago)
You should ask boys but let it be girls don't say guys
Nyoh Tabi Alex (2 months ago)
6:28. I know you guys don’t like girls 🤣😂
the last Jedi (2 months ago)
Although almost all of them said they prefer black but the reality and facts say otherwise. 41% black women never ever had a relationship ..ever.
Dave Wilson (1 month ago)
This just isn't a fact though lol
the last Jedi (1 month ago)
+Iyore Iyamu facts don't care about your feelings
Iyore Iyamu (1 month ago)
Himanshu Pant u need help
Your momma (2 months ago)
Notice they aren't asking any intelligent people....
Niko Stang (2 months ago)
Why do you get offended by that black girl saying she prefer white, when you prefer asians yourself? Watch those double standard of yours bro lol
Solo Demonz (2 months ago)
I’m Hispanic but to all the whites, stop being fucking pussies like your so bitch made stand up for your race. Having racial pride is not a bad thing.
Anthoney Nevera (2 months ago)
you should've use the word "type" more instead, should've ask whats their type
Anil Danes (2 months ago)
White girls must eat black mans shit also.
lakmeister (2 months ago)
Most girls and women have a TV licence......fact!!!! You know!!
lassseerrr yah (2 months ago)
Justin is the white version of momo lol.
Kanakjyoti Hariharan (2 months ago)
6:20 Mee to and I am an Asian my choice e might change...
Lucifer - (2 months ago)
niggga said hot edition and first bitch a mom lmao
saniya iskakova (2 months ago)
As Asian i prefer black guys
Hjffghjjb Vvhjijvcx (2 months ago)
Black bitches dumb if white men use to rape & enslave us why you you give the pussy now fuckin idiots
DR BRIM IS A FRAUD (2 months ago)
Black Women Are The #1 Sellouts Lol
blaze kabera (2 months ago)
Maryann Hayes (2 months ago)
black only for me
Maryann Hayes (2 months ago)
+SilentAssassin93 call me names but black dick the best
SilentAssassin93 (2 months ago)
Maryann Hayes mudshark
Dylan Vanhook (2 months ago)
You gotta pic a better white dude to show off
Matt Walker (2 months ago)
Who? You? No you're ugly as fuck lol
Doomslayer (2 months ago)
I'm both thots

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