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Qt Widgets - Style Sheets
This video will explain and show the use of style sheets in Qt.
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custom Button QT
###########Background########### int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { QApplication a(argc, argv); MainWindow w; w.setStyleSheet("background-image:url(:piel.jpg)"); w.show(); //w.showFullScreen(); return a.exec(); } ###########Style Sheet Button########### #upLeft { background-color: transparent; border-image: url(:off.png); background: none; border: none; background-repeat: none; } #upLeft:pressed { border-image: url(:on.png); }
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Qt Style Sheets - The Basics
Check out all my channel for more videos like this one. http://vid.io/xodM In this video I show how to use Qt StyleSheets to make your application look custom and professional. This is based on Qt Creator 3.3.1 on Qt 5.4.1. Link to QML: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4utTBcSjdM&list=PLB22HyVdO1GkLFrvRi5vIo5XcWS0EflxD
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QT C++ : Performance Widget
Hi in this quick demo I show you a small library I wrote in qt and cpp that I used to create some performance widget to plot cpu and ram usage. Here you can find the source code : https://github.com/giordi91/performanceWidget and here you can find the documentation : http://giordi91.github.io/ Any C&C is more then welcome ! Cheers If you like it please follow my channel and share it around. You can also stay up to date with all my videos by subscribing to the newsletter at : marcogiordanotd.com/newsletter.php
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Qt Widgets - Multiple UI Screens with Stacked Widgets
This video tutorial explains how to create multiple screens in Qt using the stacked widget.
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Qt Tutorials For Beginners 15 - Qt Stylesheets and using HTML
In this Video I am going to show How to use Qt Stylesheets and and How to use HTML in QT C++ GUI application. This QT tutorial shows Handling HTML in qt html parser example, qt richtext qt parse html, qt rich text editor, qlabel rich text, qt html subset qt5 html, qt stylesheet download, qt stylesheet background image qt stylesheet reference, qt stylesheet examples, qt style sheet reference, qt stylesheet 5, qt stylesheet tutorial, qt stylesheet color names -------------------Online Courses to learn---------------------------- Blockchain Course - http://bit.ly/2Mmzcv0 Big Data Hadoop Course - http://bit.ly/2MV97PL Java - https://bit.ly/2H6wqXk C++ - https://bit.ly/2q8VWl1 AngularJS - https://bit.ly/2qebsLu Python - https://bit.ly/2Eq0VSt C- https://bit.ly/2HfZ6L8 Android - https://bit.ly/2qaRSAS Linux - https://bit.ly/2IwOuqz AWS Certified Solutions Architect - https://bit.ly/2JrGoAF Modern React with Redux - https://bit.ly/2H6wDtA MySQL - https://bit.ly/2qcF63Z ----------------------Follow--------------------------------------------- My Website - http://www.codebind.com My Blog - https://goo.gl/Nd2pFn My Facebook Page - https://goo.gl/eLp2cQ Google+ - https://goo.gl/lvC5FX Twitter - https://twitter.com/ProgrammingKnow Pinterest - https://goo.gl/kCInUp Text Case Converter - https://goo.gl/pVpcwL -------------------------Stuff I use to make videos ------------------- Stuff I use to make videos Windows notebook – http://amzn.to/2zcXPyF Apple MacBook Pro – http://amzn.to/2BTJBZ7 Ubuntu notebook - https://amzn.to/2GE4giY Desktop - http://amzn.to/2zct252 Microphone – http://amzn.to/2zcYbW1 notebook mouse – http://amzn.to/2BVs4Q3 ------------------Facebook Links ---------------------------------------- http://fb.me/ProgrammingKnowledgeLearning/ http://fb.me/AndroidTutorialsForBeginners http://fb.me/Programmingknowledge http://fb.me/CppProgrammingLanguage http://fb.me/JavaTutorialsAndCode http://fb.me/SQLiteTutorial http://fb.me/UbuntuLinuxTutorials http://fb.me/EasyOnlineConverter
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Creating Qt applications with Metro style
Qt has a great opportunities for user interface Look and Feel styling. This video shows two Metro styled Qt applications running on Windows 8 developer preview. For details: See http://qt.digia.com/qtcommercialblog
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How to Make Qt Apps Match Dark Themes on Xfce, MATE and Cinnamon
In this tutorial I show how to make programs with Qt interface look dark, matching a dark theme on Xfce, MATE and Cinnamon. The method works in Debian, Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Arch Linux and Manjaro. ------------------------------ Make sure you have a dark theme installed and activated before configuring qt apps! nano ~/.config/Trolltech.conf add lines: [Qt] style=GTK+ For Debian/Linux Mint/Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install qt5-style-plugins For Arch Linux: sudo pacman -S qt5-styleplugins sudo nano /etc/environment add lines: QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=gtk2 also, this line may be added in case you still have light-colored apps after reboot: QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE=gtk2 Please support my work on https://www.patreon.com/neoncipher
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An Introduction to Qt 5 - Session 1: Writing a Widget Based Application
This is the first part of a series of sessions I planned in which I want to show some basics of Qt 5 programming. This session is about writing a very first widget based application in Qt using Qt Creator as IDE for development.
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Qt Quick Controls Imagine Style
From Qt 5.10, Qt Quick Designer allows you to style or skin the UI Forms (ui.qml files) of the Qt Quick Controls. Our senior R&D Alessandro Portale is showing you how that is done. Imagine Style!
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Qt5 C++ Adding CSS Styles #6
In this video iam going to show you how you can Add CSS Styles in Qt5 C++ Qt5 C++ has a functionality to design your User Interface with Qt Cascading Style Sheet that is similar ro CSS Styles
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Dr Who's Tardis CSS Theme for Qt Widgets
I took some inspiration for Dr Who and made this Tardis theme. It's a variety of blues and was a good learning experience. I took references from these two color palettes and did some tweaks of my own. http://www.colourlovers.com/palette/1774103/Tardis http://www.colourlovers.com/palette/1395732/TARDIS_Blues Check out my Qt courses here: http://workshops.cgsociety.org/instructor.php?userid=34619
Custom nodes widget Qt
Results of research on dependency graphs and QGraphics framework. Abstract directed acyclic graph implementation and visualisation experience with PySide. Dirty propagation mechanism. ------------------------------------------- Результаты исследования графов зависимости и QGraphics framework. Реализация направленного ациклического графа и его визуализация на PySide. Механизм Dirty propagation. UPDATE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEP5E84O0mo discriprion: http://ilgarlunin.blogspot.ru/2015/09/blog-post.html
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Introduction to Qt – UI Design {tutorial}
In this tutorial, Bryan Cairns aka Voidrealms gives us a short introduction into how to get started on the road to becoming a kickass UI designer with Qt and Qt Quick Designer.
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Qt Widgets - Stacked Widget (Advanced)
This video will go over some techniques for using the stacked widget with a more advanced or larger application. It reviews how to dynamically insert and remove widgets from the stacked widget. Using the stacked widget in this way will allow logical separation between classes and code.
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Custom nodes widget Qt (update)
prev. video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOgaVxv6Llw ) update (https://youtu.be/chnRrr1Qfj8)
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Getting started with Qt: Hello Widget World
Qt Widgets is the ideal technology for traditional desktop applications. At the end of this tutorial, you will get the basic familiarity of Qt Creator, the complete integrated development environment for cross-platform applications and UIs. Learn more at https://www.qt.io/developers/
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Qt DevDays 2006 - Qt Style Sheets: Girish Ramakrishnan
Styling Qt Widgets Using Style Sheets Presented by: Girish Ramakrishnan An introduction to the concept of using CSS-based style sheets to customize the UI appearance Up until Qt 4.2, the appearance of Qt widgets was modified by changing the palette and/or by subclassing QStyle. In either case the style was tied to the code and modifications required a tedious compile. Starting 4.2, Qt introduces a new concept of styling widgets using Style Sheets. "Style Strings" or Style Sheets can be attached to widgets and be modified on the fly. Style Sheets are similar in syntax and concept to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) so graphic designers will feel right at home while creating new styles for your application. Customizing the appearance of Qt Applications has never been simpler and, thanks to Qt Designer, style previews are instantaneous. This talk addresses the syntax and concepts of a Style Sheet. Agenda: Widget appearance What´s a Style Sheet Style Sheets Syntax Selectors Pseudo States The Box ModelQt Style Sheet Box Model Attributes Border ImageStyle Sheet Computation Sub Controls Sub Control Positioning Positioning Modes Relative Positioning Absolute Positioning DEMO Qt Specific Attributesappearance Up...
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Qt Quick Controls & Qt Quick Designer
This screencast shows how to create the UI of a simple home automation application using the new Qt Quick 2 Controls. Blog: http://blog.qt.io/?p=44771
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Learning Qt 5 : Display Widgets | packtpub.com
This playlist/video has been uploaded for Marketing purposes and contains only selective videos. For the entire video course and code, visit [http://bit.ly/2pr0iFC]. What common display widgets does Qt have and how to use them? • Learn different text display widgets • Learn how to display images • Learn how to use the progress bar For the latest Application development video tutorials, please visit http://bit.ly/1VACBzh Find us on Facebook -- http://www.facebook.com/Packtvideo Follow us on Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/packtvideo
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Qt DevDays 2005 - Writing Custom Styles with QStyle: Trenton Schulz
Writing Custom Styles with QStyle Presented by: Trenton Schulz A tour through the QStyle API Qt's style engine (QStyle) handles widget painting and many look and feel elements. This session provides a tour through the QStyle API, and examines when and where to use it. We will also look at some tips, tricks, and guidelines for writing your own custom styles. Agenda: The How, What and Why of QStyle QStyle Concepts Typical QStyle method QStyleOption QStyleOption Subclass Updated Implementation A Tour of the QStyle API Drawing helper functions Rectangle functions Hit testing Metrics and Sizes Style hints Icon/Pixmap functions Polishing functions Logical vs. Visual in Left-to-Right Static functions Right-to-Left languages Brief Styling Example Examples Tips and Tricks Conclusion
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Qt DevDays 2005 - All about widgets: Jasmin Blanchette
All About Widgets Presented by: Jasmin Blanchette "All About Widgets" explores such topics as semi-transparency, transparency masks, double buffering, widget attributes, events, palettes, right-to-left language support, style awareness, and layout awareness. It will also show how to customize existing Qt widgets by reimplementing virtual functions. Agenda: Introduction(1:12) Window Properties(2:12) Window Flags Widget Attributes Widget Geometry Event Handling Mouse and Keyboard Grabbing Focus Handling Palette Background and Foreground Roles Window Modality Double Buffering Disabling/Enabling Updates Polishing Transparency Backing Store (Qt 4.1) Style-Aware Widgets Layout-Aware Widgets Right-to-Left Layouts Context Menus Help Texts Conclusion
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QtDockCalendar is a simple calendar client that uses Google calendar as backend. As the widget is build around QMainWindow, it can use dock style widgets. http://lively.cs.tut.fi/qt
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Python & PyQt5 -7-  Apply your own Style using CSS in PyQt5 method 2
Please if you like these videos subscribe, like and share In this tutorial we will see a new and properly structured method to apply our own styles to our widget using CSS. Personally, i recommend this method in order to separate our CSS styles code from the whole code, especially when you have a lot of style to apply
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QT Style-Paster
Qt plugin i made use for pasting stylesheets into Ida Pro. Should work on other apps that use python an PyQt download on my github https://github.com/techbliss/StyleSheet-QT-Paster/
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Qt Calculator GUI Tutorial Part 1
We have a new name now, Programming Liftoff! Learn how to design a user interface for a calculator using Qt's drag-and-drop GUI designer. This is part one in a series on creating a calculator using Qt. From here you can either use Qt/C++ or PyQt to code the logic and interaction with the calculator. The PyQt Part 2 video is here - https://youtu.be/e0V4Wslo854 The Qt/C++ Part 2 video is here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9jUhoCvAfE Thanks for watching and comment with any questions! :) -- Stylesheet code for buttons /* Digits 0-9 Stylesheet */ QPushButton { border: 1px solid gray; } QPushButton:pressed { background-color: qlineargradient(x1: 0, y1: 0, x2: 0, y2: 1, stop: 0 #dadbde, stop: 1 #f6f7fa); } /* End Digits 0-9 Stylesheet */ /* (Clear,+/-,%,. buttons) Unary Operations Buttons Stylesheet */ QPushButton { background-color: rgb(215, 215, 215); border: 1px solid gray; } QPushButton:pressed { background-color: qlineargradient(x1: 0, y1: 0, x2: 0, y2: 1, stop: 0 #BEBEBE, stop: 1 #D7D7D7); } /* End Unary Operations Buttons Stylesheet */ /* (Orange buttons) Operations Buttons Stylesheet */ QPushButton { background-color: rgb(255, 151, 57); color: white; border: 1px solid gray; } QPushButton:pressed { background-color: qlineargradient(x1: 0, y1: 0, x2: 0, y2: 1, stop: 0 #FF7832, stop: 1 #FF9739); } /* (Label at top) Label Stylesheet */ QLabel { qproperty-alignment: 'AlignVCenter | AlignRight'; border: 1px solid gray; } background-color : white; /* End Label Stylesheet */
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Qt5 C++ Creating Animations (QPropertyAnimation) #19
In this video iam going to show you how you can Create Animations in Qt5 we are going to use QPropertyAnimation for animation as you know Qt5 framework has a powerful Animation engine for Animating widgets so you can do all kinds of Animation in Qt5 C++ framework you can animate every kind widgets in qt C++, in this video particularly We are going to animate a QPushButton For More Programming Tutorials Click The Link https://teachyourselve.blogspot.com/ More Video Tutorials You Can Watch wxPython GUI Application Development Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVE673wsCEQ&list=PL1FgJUcJJ03vIgXI9BvOBdoc0S3PuzcRb Qt5 C++ (Programming Language) GUI Application Development https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SP2XClRagzk&list=PL1FgJUcJJ03ve3jJwTocGkxTsGYMni5qD PyQt5 GUI Application Development With Python (Programming Language) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnpL9Sl79g8&list=PL1FgJUcJJ03uwFW8ys2ov2dffKs3ieGYk Tkinter GUI Application Development With Python (Programming Language) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jn3PH-fA4g&list=PL1FgJUcJJ03sm4WuVCPMbT0RIf2uMmoAj Making CRUD Web Application With Flask Framework In Python (Programming Language) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pu9XhFJduEw&list=PL1FgJUcJJ03vLZXbAFESDqGKBrDNgi-LG Flask SQL Alchemy Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bIB86LRX7I&list=PL1FgJUcJJ03sUy99OF_g51bx7GqNAIu9k Python(Programming Language) For Data Science https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9A5oxTTLeE&list=PL1FgJUcJJ03vXmv0nUOxJd1TL7C1JBHNV
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Qt Widgets - Project Creation and Configuration
This video will show how to create a new Qt Widgets project using a CrossControl (or Maximatecc) template. This video will use the CrossControl LinX Development environment.
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Qt Widgets Best Practices - Qt Virtual Tech Summit 2019
AKA live-coding a QTableView with Creator and Designer. This presentation is prepared for a webinar session that is part of the Qt Virtual Tech Summit, based on the same material that I covered in similar sessions at the Qt World Summit in Boston and Berlin near the end of 2018. The code being shown: https://github.com/ec1oud/qps/tree/widgets-rewrite
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Fix QT Themes on GTK Desktops. ( QT 5.7+ )
Fix QT Themeing on GTK based Desktops. sudo apt-get install qt4-qtconfig sudo apt-get install qt5-style-plugins Open the QT 4 settings application, Under the Appearance tab change the GUI Style to GTK +. You will be prompted to save changes upon closing the application. For QT 5 based applications set the environment variable in /etc/environment QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=gtk2 NOTE: Due to a bug involving a segmentation fault, this dose not work with QT 5.7.0, Upgrade to 5.7.1 or wait for the update to come from upstream. Log out and back in, or reboot your machine for changes to take effect.
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Изучение Qt Creator | Урок #6 - Использование стилей, HTML, QCheckBox и QRadioButton
Каждая программа использует стили, а также HTML разметку. В уроке мы научимся прописывать CSS и HTML, а также изучим QCheckBox и QRadioButton для создания полей с выбором. Урок на сайте itProger: https://itproger.com/course/qt-creator/6 ✔ Основной сайт: https://itproger.com/ ✔ Конструктор сайтов: https://crafty.site/ ✔ ------------- Группа Вк - https://vk.com/prog_life Группа FaceBook - https://goo.gl/XW0aaP Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gosha_dudar/ Telegram: http://t.me/itProger_official Twitter - https://twitter.com/GoshaDudar - Уроки от #GoshaDudar 👨🏼‍💻 - Все уроки по хештегу #GoshaQtFramework
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Execute QML 15 - Combine QML With QWidget
INTRODUCTION This video is a part of series "Execute QML" that will introduce some way to execute QML component In this video, we will discover how to combine QML with QWidget and use it in application SOURCE CODE https://github.com/KhoaTranProgrammer/ExecuteQML/tree/master/CombineQMLWithQWidget
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Назначение css визуальным компонентам Qt
Подключение файла с каскадными таблицами стилей(css) к проекту Qt
PyQt5 Matplotlib Qt Designer
How to embed matplotlib using Qt Designer in PyQt5 ? PyQt5 Qt Designer ile Matplotlib Kullanımı PyQt5 arayüzünde matplotlib nasıl kullanılır signal-slot connection python veri görselleştirme python matplotlib qt designer graphical user interface Python PyQt5 ile arayüz programlama tasarım dersleri https://yapayzekalabs.blogspot.com/2018/11/pyqt5-gui-qt-designer-matplotlib.html
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Qt Gradient Background
คลิปตัวอย่างสำหรับการทำฉากหลังแบบ Gradient Color ด้วย Style Sheet สำหรับคลิปแรกนี้ก็มีปัญหาเรื่องเฉดสีนิดหนึ่ง คือ การไล่สีของ Gradient ยังมีแถบไม่ลื่นไหล จะหาทางแก้ไขปรับปรุงกันอีกทีครับ
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#02 Design login Form Qt and CSS or Qss
#helbouti #qt #stylesheet #python Qt designer : designe login form and styling it with qss or should i say css
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Qt Designer Widgets
Learn More About This Course From Here : https://www.udemy.com/python-desktop-application-development-with-qt/?couponCode=pyqt
Views: 877 EgyCoder
Qt Material Design Desktop Widgets https://github.com/laserpants/qt-material-widgets
Views: 2502 Johannes Hilden
Introduction to Material Design in Qt using Qml
Qt supports material design beautifully, without the hustle. Source available at: https://github.com/amoh-godwin/youtube-source/blob/master/material_design_one.qml
Views: 1878 Godwin Amoh - Gyebi
#4 Design calculator Form Qt and CSS
#qt5 Design calculator Form Qt and CSS python , list python , python string , python with , python if , python function , python 3 , dictionary python , python install , list in python , pandas python , python array , python code , python print , python set , python loop , numpy , python json , python class , what is python , python import , python csv , python time , download python , python tutorial , python 3.7 , python super init , jupyter notebook , google python style guide , ternary operator python , python remove element from list , python switch statement ,
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Styles in Qt and KDE: A new approach
Akademy 2010 - Eduardo Madeira Fleury The University of Tampere, Finland http://akademy.kde.org/node/337 http://akademy.kde.org
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widget video for toolbox
overview of value of donor feedback and a widget for nonprofit websites providing an automated, closed loop tool to build Commitment, engagement and financial value among website visitors.
Views: 1135 Kevin Schulman
Qt DevDays 2010 - Qt Quick Components: The Future of Qt Widgets: Leonardo Cunha
Qt Quick Components: The Future of Qt Widgets recorded DevDays 2010 in Munich Presented by: Leonardo Cunha A ready to use component set with a native or custom look and feel The release of Qt Quick / QML with Qt 4.7 brings a new way of developing user interfaces into Qt. This presentation will explain and show the Qt Components project, which aims at providing a set of basic components that can provide a native look and feel in selected platforms for your fancy QML applications.
Views: 791 Qt
Qt DevDays 2011, Getting Started - a Qt fast track 3/4 - Widgets and Layouts: Oliver Gutbrod
Getting Started - a Qt fast track 3/4 - Widgets and Layouts Presented by: Oliver Gutbrod Recorded at the Qt Developer Days in Munich in 2011 The track provides a fast and practical introduction to Qt by showing how to develop Qt applications for desktop systems. The content is based on the traditional widget set and gives a practical ride through the topics needed for you to create your first Qt application. Prerequisites: A working knowledge of C++ programming, previous Qt experience is not required Training style: Lecture, live coding examples edit by: http://www.greenwoodworx.com, greenwoodworx videoproduktionen Berlin
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HTML5 vs Qt {showcase}
One man, three weeks to create an application using HTML5 and three weeks using Qt. The result speaks for itself. And no, we didn't pay them to say this. Glad we met you at Embedded World, Sequality! Read more about Qt vs HTML5 at https://www.qt.io/qt-vs-html-5-strengths-and-weaknesses and our Austrian friends at http://www.sequality.at
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PyQt Tree Widget Livestream
Here's the commit for today! https://github.com/benhoff/desktop_ava/commit/59e2b9e92a6f0c584bb9ecf6a650f832249aca25
Views: 3830 Ben Hoff
Embedded widget library metro style
Example using the widget library to draw something that looks like metro tiles. Also demonstrates multiple screens and images http://www.headfuzz.co.uk/node/142
Views: 815 Barry Carter
SpeedGauge Qt Tutorial Part1
This is a tutorial for a QML project. I will demonstrate how to create a SpeedGauge application for a Symbian^3 and MeeGo phone. This is part 1 where we will set up the GUI and explain image rotation. You can find the app in Ovi Store here: http://store.ovi.com/publisher/mobileDevVT/ All the Learn more links and all the Download materials can be found on my blog http://mobiledevvt.blogspot.com/2012/07/qt-speedgauge-tutorial-1.html List of all my Symbian^3 and MeeGo tutorials: http://mobiledevvt.blogspot.com/2012/07/list-of-my-symbian-meego-qt-tutorials.html
Views: 41485 MobileDevVT