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How to run Netbeans Project online on Website directly for PHP / HTML
This video describes how you can run your Netbeans PHP/ HTML/ Javascript code directly on your Website so that you don't need to save & then upload files to website server. It will surely benefit Web Developers & designers specially working on Back-End Webpages.
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How to save data in App using SQL Database in Android Studio
This video shows an example of Android app saving data into SQL Database & store in internal memory. It shows saving & retrieving data. For more help contact us at [email protected]
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Android How to create Buttons of equal width in a row on any Screen width in Android Studio
This video explains how you can create 2 or more Buttons, TextView, or any other of equal width in same horizontal line on any screen width.
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How to Make ListView with Custom Font color, size, TextView, Button using CustomAdapter
This video explains, how you can create a ListView in your app with custom layout of your list. You can change font - size , color or even create your own TextView or other controls in list. You will also learn CustomAdapter. To download/ copy code for this project visit our website : codingtract.com
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Create a Simple List in Android app using ListView
This video explains how you can create a simple list in your android app using ListView. In this example, we created an app with 1 activity showing only ListView. Code for this project can also be downloaded from codingtract.com For more help or tutorials, please visit our website codingtract.com & don't forget to subscribe our channel for best Android Tutorials.
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